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Bachelor of Science Political Science - Concentration in Race, Ethnicity and Gender Politics

University of Nebraska Omaha

A major in political science prepares students for a rich and rewarding career. Political science graduates are well equipped for professions both at home and abroad in the fields of law, business, criminal justice, education, journalism, and government service at the local, state, and federal levels. In fact, many political science graduates have reached the pinnacle of their respective professions.

Political science is a flexible major, with the curriculum available on campus or entirely online. Political science is among the most popular liberal arts majors and is highly suitable for combination as a double major with other disciplines such as business, economics, foreign languages, history, international studies, philosophy, psychology, and sociology, among others.

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees may be obtained with or without a concentration. Students may pursue concentrations in government affairs and civic engagement, foreign and national security affairs, law and the courts, political thought, and race, ethnicity and gender politics.

Public Service

The political science major provides students with the tools to become effective and politically active citizens and leaders. Students learn to process the endless flow of ideas, rhetoric and data that are an inescapable feature of the information age. By polishing valuable skills in analysis, communication, research, and writing, political science classes challenge students to think independently, with an informed awareness of current affairs and tolerance for other points of view. With these skills political science graduates are always among the leaders in community organizations and electoral politics.


Political science continues to be the single most popular major among students who apply to law school. Law schools emphasize the importance of a course of study that develops the following skills: an understanding of human nature and human institutions, clarity in written and oral communication, and creative and critical thinking. Political science offers such an education, plus a number of courses that provide undergraduates with a rigorous introduction to legal concepts and arguments, as well as to the operation of the American legal system. Students who are interested in a majoring in political science as a preparation for law school are encouraged to pursue a concentration in law and the courts and they are invited to consult with the department’s pre-law advisor.

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