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Diploma in Public Administration

University of Prince Edward Island

The University of Prince Edward Island, through the Faculty of Business, offers an interdisciplinary program of studies leading to a Certificate and a Diploma in Public Administration. The program is intended for working federal, provincial, and municipal public servants who wish to prepare themselves for higher administrative and management positions. Others with similar interests may apply. Every effort is made to schedule the compulsory and elective courses for the program at times convenient for those employed.


The UPEI Public Administration program has three basic objectives:

  • to develop, along with specific skills, an understanding of the interpersonal and interorganizational roles of an individual within the public service;
  • to assist in the training and development of individuals for policy and administrative positions in the public service; and
  • to equip individuals with knowledge and techniques for efficient and effective decision-making.
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Listed below are the documents required to apply for this course.

Mode of Study

  • Full Time