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3 degrees you need to study to fight a global pandemic

By Paige Lyman• Last updated: Nov 8, 2023
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The pandemic is raging on. 

We’re all stuck inside.

You want to help, but what can you do? 

Luckily, you can consider your education route to help fight and prevent another crisis. Higher education can have a real impact during a global pandemic. 

These range from health-related fields to public service. 

Here are 3 degrees you can study to help fight a global pandemic. 

1. Nursing

Healthcare has been massively important to the response to the pandemic. When looking at these types of degrees, nursing is definitely a top one.

According to the World Health Organization, there is a global shortage of health workers as of January 2020. Nurses currently represent more than “50% of the current shortage in health workers”.


Nurses tend to be on the front lines of health care on a daily basis. And their front line work is even more so during times of crisis.

You can also apply a nursing degree to careers such as nursing administration, nursing home administration, and primary health care. 

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2. Public Administration

Public administration will equip you with knowledge of how public agencies operate. 

Some of these areas include city management, economics, and sociology

When responding to a pandemic, those in the public admin sector might respond at local, county, or federal levels. This depends on their area of expertise and where they work.

Different careers that you could pursue with a public admin degree include public relations, legislative roles, and property or community managers. 

You can pursue work for government agencies, non-governmental agencies, and non-profit organisations.

If Public administration sounds interesting to you, check out what courses we have available across the globe!

3. Social Work


During a pandemic, there are many struggles that we face. From mental health to finances, those who’ve studied social work can help enormously.

If you’re interested in working with people and improving the quality of life to be found in communities, then social work may be for you.

Social workers can work in schools, hospitals, directly with families, or in specific communities. Considering a social work degree can see you working in a wide variety of areas, making for plenty of diversity in the kind of work you may do.

In terms of post-pandemic life, the British Association of Social Workers stated that the skills and expertise of social workers was “proving essential across the globe.” 

There are plenty of courses available for social work for you to consider!

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