5 of the best business degrees you can study in Ireland

Aoife O’Mara
Aoife O’Mara

28 September 2020 • 5 min read

Business degrees are one of the most sought-after degrees due to the wide variety of skills learned throughout them. Those who hold a business degree have the world at their fingertips. Not to mention there is a broad range of career and job prospects for those who hold this lucrative degree. 

There are over 310 business-related degrees on offer in Ireland. Ireland is a haven for those hoping to pursue a business degree thanks to the massive presence of multinational corporations who have their European headquarters here. These corporations seek out the top students from the best business degrees in Ireland to come work for them. Combine this with Ireland’s entrepreneurial culture, in which innovation is encouraged both in and out of university campuses, and you have found yourself a dream combination. 

Here we have compiled a list of five of the best business degrees you can study in Ireland along with all the information you need to know about them. 

Commerce – University College Cork

Duration: 4 years 

Type: Bachelor of Commerce

As Ireland’s leading undergraduate business degree, this Bachelor of Commerce degree is highly sought-after. This four-year degree has ample opportunity for students to interact with businesses and gain real-life work experience. There is also a Bachelor of Commerce International degree, which combines the study of a chosen language and its culture with business subjects. 

For the first two years of this business degree students are introduced into the world of business across a variety of areas, such as economics, accounting, information systems, management and marketing. For the third year, students have the opportunity to study abroad, complete a 6-month work placement or complete a research project. They are also given an introduction to the possible majors which are available in the fourth year. In the final year, students select their major from a choice of five.

Economics & Finance – University College Dublin

Duration: 4 years

Type: Bachelor of Science

This degree has a particular focus on those hoping to pursue a career in financial economics, banking and finance. It is recognised internationally as being one of the best degrees in its area. Throughout this four-year degree, students become knowledgeable in quantitative methods and analytical skills. This degree is perfect for those hoping to work in banking and financial services. 

For the first year, students gain an understanding of the core elements of the study of Economics and Finance through the building of foundations in business. Students then apply this newfound knowledge in the second year to the problems faced by companies in the financial industry. UCD believe that internships are one of the best ways of getting hands-on experience. As such third year of this degree is dedicated to enhancing skills through internships with leading companies both in Ireland and across the world. In the final year, students are asked to specialise in either economics, finance or maths. 

Global Business – Trinity College Dublin

Duration: 4 years

Type: Bachelor’s in Business Studies

This four-year business degree is uniquely specialised as it emphasises developing its students’ skillset for the global market. Throughout this degree, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of what is required for a business to operate globally. The degree focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship while gaining real-life business experience. 

In the first year, students gain a comprehensive insight into the fundamentals of business. Students have the option of studying a language as part of this degree, with options including French, Spanish, German, Polish and Russian. The main focus in the second year is on gaining a greater understanding of how the world of business interacts with other disciplines. In the third year, students have the option to spend a semester or year abroad, which is particularly beneficial if studying a language. For the final year of this business degree students focus their study onto at least one area of business expertise. 

Business Studies – University of Limerick

Duration: 4 years

Type: Bachelor’s in Business Studies

This internationally accredited business degree provides its students with a broad understanding of the business world. Students are provided with hands-on experience through the many practical business projects and an eight-month work placement. This degree has a total of six programmes of which students can choose from, five of these programmes combine business studies with a language for business purposes. 

For the first year and the first semester of the second year, students get a broad understanding of the business world through introductions in accounting, management, economics, and marketing. In the second semester of the second year, students are asked to choose their major in accounting and finance, economics and finance, human resource management, marketing, or risk management and insurance. Following this, students embark on an eight-month work placement before completing their business degree in the fourth year. 

Marketing – Maynooth University

Duration: 3 or 4 years

Type: Bachelor of Arts

For students who already know they would like to specialise in a marketing degree, this is the best business degree of its kind in Ireland. There are countless opportunities to undertake specialist options based on your own strength and interests. This degree not only gives an in-depth insight into the world of marketing, but it also focuses on business and management. 

The first year is utilised to build the core foundations of marketing with modules such as consumer behaviour and consumer research. The second-year is focused on mastering the management functions of marketing as well as concentrating on the various marketing disciplines such as digital marketing. There is the option of availing of work placement in the third year, which will provide practical and hands-on experience. In final year skills are developed, and students will leave with a greater understanding of the field of marketing.

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