5 of the Best Universities in Canada for Psychology

By Edvoy• Last updated: Nov 15, 2023
5 of the Best Universities in Canada for Psychology
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Psychology in Canada is a well-established and highly esteemed field. What’s more, the best universities for psychology in Canada are amongst the highest ranking in the world.

So if you aspire to study psychology at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, look no further than Canada. In this Edvoy blog, we’ll take a closer look at the wealth of prestigious psychology programmes on offer. Plus, you can view our full guide to Canadian universities.

If you aspire to enrol on one of the best psychology programmes in Canada, Edvoy is here to help.

Below, we’ll give you all the details of five famous Canadian institutions boasting some of the country’s best psychology programmes. We’ll discuss the rankings, facilities, and the various psychology degree courses they offer. Plus, we’ll explain what makes Canada such a great destination for international students.

Are you ready?

Here are five of the best universities in Canada for psychology.

University of British Columbia (UBC)

First up, UBC. 

The University of British Columbia is a prominent Canadian university. A powerhouse of research prowess, it ranked among the top 50 universities worldwide in 2023.

UBS excels in clinical neuroscience and various psychological subdisciplines. And, the university offers some of the best psychology programmes in Canada! BA and BSc degrees are available, with diverse specialisations (such as learning enhancement and behavioural neuroscience). 

Or if you’re looking to further your studies, UBC offers a comprehensive 24-month Masters degree in psychology.

As one of the best universities in Canada for psychology, it’s no surprise that UBC plays host to an experimental psychology laboratory. Plus, the department’s annual psychology fair (Psychfest) is famed throughout the research world. 

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University of Toronto

Next, Toronto.

Coming in at number 34 in the QS World Rankings 2023, the University of Toronto is one of the top universities in the world. And when it comes to psychology in Canada, it’s among the very best.

The University of Toronto’s undergraduate programme offers students a comprehensive foundation in psychology, keeping pace with evolving research and emerging challenges (like neuro-ethics and intergroup relations).

What’s more, the University of Toronto provides various joint major programmes. So, you could study psychology alongside another discipline.

And for postgraduates, Toronto’s programme is robust. Clinical and experimental tracks are offered, with hands-on research and experimental experience emphasised. Moreover, the university’s impressive campuses and extensive libraries enhance the student experience.

McGill University

The oldest university in Montreal, and one of Quebec's three English-speaking higher education institutions, McGill has a rich history. 

It’s definitely one of the best universities in Canada for psychology. 

In fact, the discipline at McGill dates back to 1850! 

Nowadays, McGill offers some of the best psychology programmes in Canada (BA and BSc streams). 

Plus, it provides joint programmes combining elements of both Bachelor options. Undergrads have the opportunity to explore a wide range of modules, including topics like bilingualism, health psychology, and hormones. 

Finally, the graduate programme at McGill is extremely prestigious. One of the best psychology programmes in Canada, it admits just 100 students each year.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University, established in 1965, broke into the top ten Canadian institutions in 2022. 

The university’s acclaimed psychology department provides a variety of academic programmes. These include major and minor streams, an honours degree, and a co-operative education programme.

Furthermore, Simon Fraser University offers opportunities for joint majors in partnership with other departments. These span criminology, gender studies, women's studies, and even business administration.

In short, the university’s commitment to research excellence positions it as a major institution in the educational landscape… As well as one of the best universities for psychology in Canada!

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The University of Waterloo

Finally, Waterloo. 

In the top 150 institutions worldwide (QS Rankings 2024), the University of Waterloo boasts one of the best psychology programmes in Canada. Undergraduates have the flexibility to pursue psychology as a major or minor. And, they can opt for either a three-year or a four-year study programme. 

Waterloo’s psychology course stresses the importance of experiential learning. Actively, the department encourages students to gain practical experience. So, they promote work placements, research projects, volunteer opportunities, and student participation at conferences.

Also, the faculty is very well-equipped. The department has ERP (Event-Related Potential) equipment, digital video recording and streaming capabilities, psychophysiological measurement tools, eye-movement recording devices, plus access to MRI scanners. 

With its innovative approach and cutting-edge equipment, it’s easy to see why Waterloo has one of the top psychology departments in Canada.

What are some of the best psychology programmes in Canada?

At Edvoy, we pride ourselves on providing international students with quality information to promote your success. With our Study in Canada hub, you’ll receive everything you need in order to launch your studies successfully.

And if you’re aspiring to enrol at one of the best universities in Canada for psychology, Edvoy’s is at your side. 

Below, our quick reference guide summarises the top institutions, courses, and specialisations for studying psychology in Canada.

Different types of psychology courses

Social PsychologySport PsychologyFoundation Psychology

Psychology in Canada: Your quick reference guide to the best universities and programmes

University of British ColumbiaBachelor of Arts in Psychology Bachelor of Science in Behavioural NeuroscienceMasters in Psychology (various tracks)
University of TorontoBachelor of Science in PsychologyMasters in Psychology (clinical & experimental tracks)
McGill UniversityBachelor of Arts in Psychology Bachelor of Science in Psychology BA & BSc Combined Programme in PsychologyMaster's in Psychology (clinical & experimental tracks)
Simon Fraser UniversityDiverse options: Major, joint major, minor, extended minor, honours & co-operative education programmeMaster of Arts in Psychology Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
University of WaterlooMajor, minor, or honours in psychology. 3-year and 4-year programmes available.MA, MASc, and PhD in Psychology

Please note that the availability of specific programmes may change. So, it's advisable to visit the respective institutions' official websites for the most up-to-date information on the best psychology programmes in Canada.

Psychology Programs in Canada

Why study psychology in Canada?

When it comes to psychology, it’s no surprise that Canada comes out on top. After all, North America has been at the forefront of psychological research and development for decades. 

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that jobs in the field of psychology will grow by 6% by 2032.

Furthermore, psychology is an exacting field. If you aim to become a professional, it’s important to study psychology at some of the best universities worldwide. And Canada, as we’ve seen, has plenty of options!

“Experts predict jobs in the field of psychology to grow by 6% over the coming decade.”

If you’d like one-to-one support for your application to the best universities in Canada, Edvoy's remote counsellors will guide you each step of the way.

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The best psychology programmes in Canada: Frequently asked questions

At Edvoy, we know that planning your international studies can feel overwhelming.

To help you with your application to study psychology in Canada, we’ve responded to some common FAQs below.

1. What are the entrance requirements to study psychology in Canada?

To gain a place on one of the best psychology programmes in Canada, it’s crucial to research the entrance requirements of your chosen institution and courses. 

BA and BSc degrees, for example, will have different stipulations. 

Of course, for a BSc pathway, you can expect to show evidence of scientific knowledge and maths skills. 

English proficiency (usually IELTS) will likely be required, too. 

For assistance with IELTS, you can access free support here.

2. What are some of the best universities for psychology in Canada?

In arriving at our top 5, we’ve used data from the acclaimed Times Higher Education. 

But, there are many excellent Canadian universities offering psychology programmes. 

Other best universities in Canada for psychology include the University of Calgary, the University of Regina, the University of Victoria, and Western University.

3. Where could studying psychology at one of the best universities in Canada lead?

Psychologists are in demand and highly paid, especially in Canada.

Also, the country is welcoming to international students. So, there may well be opportunities to stay after your degree. 

And, as we’ve discussed, the likelihood is that more jobs will be created in this field in the coming years. 

Enrolling on one of the best psychology programmes in Canada will stand you in good stead in any number of other professions, too. 

4. Psychology in Canada is a cutting-edge discipline

In conclusion, Canada offers some of the best psychology degree programmes in the world. 

Honestly, Canada is an ideal destination for ambitious international students wishing to forge a career in psychology. The five universities we've explored stand out for their exceptional psychology programmes. 

The best universities for psychology in Canada are more than just academic institutions. Actually, they are stepping stones to a rewarding and impactful career in the field of psychology… within Canada or beyond. 

So if you're considering this exciting path, studying psychology in Canada offers an inviting, world-class environment to help you achieve your goals.

Unlock your potential at Canada's top psychology universities!

At Edvoy, we simplify the process of choosing the perfect university for your psychology studies in Canada. Dive into in-depth research and make an informed decision.

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