Canadian immigration stream reopens; work permits to be extended for some students

By Haripriya Sivasubramaniam• Last updated: Oct 30, 2023
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There have been significant changes this week, including the reopening of borders. Additionally, there is news from space if you’re a fan of stars and planets!  Here’s your weekly news roundup!.

The immigration stream reopened in Canada with extended work permits for some students

Canada's Express Entry immigration system is to reopen after a long break. It will begin again this July (Canadian summer), and students planning on applying for permanent citizenship can use this opportunity.

International students whose Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) expires between January and December 2022 will get an 18-month extension. However, this faces criticism since the students whose permits expire by 2021 cannot avail the wing.

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Karl Urban is on board as the new UNICEF Aotearoa New Zealand ambassador

New Zealand actor, Karl Urban, has been appointed as the new ambassador for UNICEF Aotearoa (the Maori language of the country) New Zealand. He has joined the crew to support raising awareness of children's well-being in New Zealand and worldwide.

As the UNICEF ambassador, Karl Urban will work to uplift the lives of children affected by the Ukraine crisis. UNICEF is on the ground in Ukraine, offering safety and essential care.

Student contribution fee of €3,000 to be reduced says Irish Minister for Higher education, Simon Harris

The Irish Minister for Higher Education has stated that the Government will reduce the student contribution fee over several budgets. Although he didn't mention how much will be cut off, sources say there will be a truncation of €500 annually from the fee sanctions.

There are also plans to invest €307 million in the higher education sector to the already existing €2 billion funding plan. This is to establish the core funding in line with the international peers.

Canada's Ryerson University renamed Toronto Metropolitan

The institution's governing body mentioned that it had been renamed to reflect the university's values and vision among the students studying there.

The former name (Ryerson) was from Egerton Ryerson, who designed the country's residential schools model in 2021. The management also said that the term Metropolitan would reflect who they are, an urban institution dedicated to excellence, innovation, and inclusion.

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NASA announces winners of 2022 Human Exploration Rover challenge

NASA conducted an Artemis Student Challenge for high school and college students. About 91 teams participated from 58 colleges and 33 high schools.

They were assigned to design, engineer and test a human-powered rover on a course simulating terrain found in rocky bodies in the solar system.

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