Cost of studying in Canada for Indian students

Haripriya Sivasubramaniam
Haripriya Sivasubramaniam
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Cost of studying in Canada for Indian students

Canada is one of the top preferred destinations for students to pursue their higher education! The country is a marvel for its picturesque scenario, but it is also one of the most affordable countries to study and live in! So, here we have come up with a few facts and concepts to brief on the cost of studying in Canada for Indian students.

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Significant expenditures for Indian students in Canada

Like in other countries, tuition fees will be the primary cost of studying in Canada for Indian students. Some top-ranked universities and colleges offer various scholarships to aid the students’ tuition. Also, the fee varies according to the major one wants to pursue in a particular institution. So, here’s a list of other expenses that has an impact on the cost of studying and living in Canada;

  • College application fee    
  • Food and accommodation    
  • Transport and commutation     
  • Study permit and work permit expenses

Top-ranked and affordable universities in Canada

Most Canadian universities offer top-notch programs for undergraduate and postgraduate majors that are affordable to get one a degree! Additionally, there are university and dean scholarships to help international students. Here’s a list of top-ranked Canadian universities and how much it annually costs (approximately) to pursue a major there.

University nameAnnual tuition fee (in CAD)
University of Toronto$36,017
McGill University$23,734
University of British Columbia$29,499
University of Alberta$19,170
McMaster University$26,260
University of Waterloo$31,444
Western University$27,039
Queen’s University$17,390
University of Calgary$14,878

Cost of studying Undergraduate in Canada

After completing high school, if one wants to pursue their undergrad in Canada, it is a perfect decision! Because once a student completes their UG here, they can either take up work under the work-study program or pursue an MS degree. The annual tuition fee for the undergrad humanities program is the least expensive one, while engineering and medicine programs top the tuition fee list across all the universities!

The following is a list of tuition fee details for the undergraduate programs that Indian students prefer the most to pursue in Canada;

Popular UG programsAnnual tuition fee (in CAD)
Business and Management$10367

Cost of studying MS in Canada

Planning to pursue postgraduate study in Canada is cheaper while considering the cost of studying in Canada for Indian students. The average tuition price for a postgraduate program ranges around CAD 17,000-20,000. Here’s another list of PG programmes and their corresponding tuition fees;

Popular PG/MS programsAnnual tuition fee (in CAD)

General examination costs for studying in Canada

Most Canadian Universities and institutes accept the score of exams like GRE, IELTS, GMAT, TOEFL and CAEL. The scores of these exams will even get the applicants scholarships and fee waivers, which will help them manage and cut the cost of the majority of their expenses! So here’s a list of the examination fee details for the entrance tests.

Exam nameApplication fee (in CAD)
GRE (general)$273

Visa application and processing expenses

A student planning to pursue their studies in Canada first needs a study permit. The study permit lasts for six months and if a student is taking up a course that’s duration is less than that, it is always advisable to extend their access. The application fee for a Canadian visa costs 150 CAD (fixed), and the processing fee varies according to the student’s nationality and the university to which they are applying. Also, one has to submit document proofs that support their financial situation to pursue their studies while living in Canada.

Miscellaneous expenditures and cost of living in Canada

Apart from the tuition fee and the visa regulations, it is always advisable for students to have at least an amount of CAD 10,000 while they depart to Canada. So, here is a breakdown of secondary expenses that will empty one’s wallet for the mandatory costs while studying there.

Accommodation: The cost of living for Indian students in Canada is generally around CAD 3,000-7,500 each year. This is the case if they are accommodated in the UniversityUniversity or on-campus housing. The cost of living varies and may cost around CAD 8,500-10,000 per year if they are looking for private rentals and accommodations.

Food and groceries: Either a restaurant explorer or a self-cook, an international student in Canada shall have an amount of CAD 300-450 for his monthly food and grocery expenses.

Taxation: Even as an international student in Canada, one can apply and file for taxation. It’ll positively reflect on their GST credits, child tax benefits and even claim a refund. If a student is working part-time, they should also mandatorily file for income tax in Canada.

Transport and commutation: A student should have a CAD of 80-110 budgeted on their monthly expenses for commutation purposes. As in other countries, usage of public transport services will be a significant factor to cut costs and save money easily.

Scholarships and financial aid offered in Canada

Here are some of the famous scholarships offered by top Canadian universities and the Government that’ll help with the cost of studying in Canada for Indian students. Also, these are provided as a tool of encouragement to welcome international students for their education and career purposes.

  • Vanier Canada graduate scholarships
  • Ontario graduate scholarship
  • Lester.B.Pearson international scholarship program
  • International Leader of Tomorrow award
  • Trudeau foundation scholarships


Is Canada cheap to study for Indian students?

The cost of studying in Canada for Indian students is more flexible and affordable than in any other country. Generally, the tuition fee ranges from CAD 5,000 to 80,000 based on the program you want to pursue. One can also apply for scholarships while studying there.

What are the cheapest cities in Canada for students?

Some of the affordable and student-friendly cities in Canada for international students are St. Catharines-Ontario, Abbotsford-British Columbia, Moncton-New Brunswick, Laval-Quebec and Sherbrooke-Quebec.

How much is the bank balance required for a Canadian student visa?

While applying for the visa, an Indian student should show at least six lakhs INR. This is proof that the student is sufficient to pay for their tuition there.

How much does a four-year degree cost in Canada?

The cost of studying for a UG degree in Canada is around CAD 5,000-14,000.

With clear guidance for planning expenditures in Canada, explore how much it costs to study in the US and the UK! To know more about each process, connect with Edvoy today!

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