Edvoy poll finds UK study attractive to international students, even with remote start

By Nicole Wootton-Cane• Last updated: Oct 31, 2023
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Overall, 700 more applicants from countries outside of the European Union were given offers to study at UK universities this year compared to last year, but it remains to be seen whether these offers will be taken up. However, this data from Edvoy shows that the UK is still an attractive option to international students despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Out of the UK, Ireland, USA, and Canada, the UK was the country that most students were ‘definitely’ interested in studying, even if remotely at first, with the USA coming in second at 37%, and Ireland and Canada both at 36%. 

Edvoy polls also show that, whilst most students’ preference is to return to campus with social distancing in place in September, 57% of students would consider studying using a ‘blended’ model of teaching, which involves a combination of in-person and online teaching. This is the method that most UK universities are planning to use for the upcoming semester. 

The results are good news for UK universities, who are heavily dependent on international student fees. It was previously forecast that the UK economy would lose at least £460 million from overseas students choosing not to study in the UK due to COVID-19.

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