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Exploring student life at Brunel University: A guide for international students

By Madie Howard• Last updated: Apr 9, 2024
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So, you're thinking about diving into the animated world of Brunel University? It promises to be an exceptional journey. 

But, before you get your luggage ready and catch a flight, let's take a closer look at what awaits you.

At Brunel University, international students can look forward to a supportive and friendly environment that helps them adjust and make the most of their time in the UK. 

Brunel University London ranks first as the most international university in the UK, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024.

The rankings measure the international focus of the university via factors such as its proportions of international staff and students, plus its international research collaboration.

Of course, adapting to a new culture and environment can be challenging. But the beauty of Brunel University student life is the diversity.

You'll be surrounded by people from all corners of the globe, each with their unique stories and perspectives. This creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels included and supported.

What is student life at Brunel University like?

Student life at Brunel University is like a mini-world, with students from many different countries coming together, so it's easy to meet people who understand what it's like to move to a new place. 

From the Bangladeshi society to the Film club, there are clubs and societies for all sorts of interests, from sports to cultural groups, making it easy to find friends and fun things to do. 

Brunel also focuses on helping students succeed in their studies and future careers. Classes are designed to be useful for real-world jobs, and there are plenty of resources to help with important topics like improving your English, understanding your visa, and getting used to life and culture in the UK.

Plus, the university offers special services just for international students, including help with settling in, advice on living in the UK, and lots of events throughout the year to make sure everyone feels welcome. 

At Brunel, it's not just about getting a degree; it's about having a great experience and being part of a community that cares.

Interested in Brunel University?
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What does student housing look like at Brunel University?

One of the most important aspects to look into is Brunel University accommodation.

After all, one of the most fundamental parts of campus life at Brunel University is where you live.

Fortunately, Brunel University offers international and EU fee-status students guaranteed campus accommodation for the duration of their studies.

There are tons of options - 4000 available rooms in fact, from buzzing on-campus halls like Uxbridge House to quieter flats and studios just a short walk away.

All rooms are self-catered, meaning students buy and prepare their meals. The London location makes getting access to world foods straightforward, so students can cook the kind of food they know.

International students gain their bedroom with free Wi-Fi, a shared communal kitchen and laundry facilities. Plus, nearly all campus rooms offer en-suite facilities.

The halls of residence have an electronic door entry system and CCTV, and there is a 24-hour security team on-site to ensure student safety.

The Student Living team is on hand to help international students find the most suitable accommodation during their degrees.

International students are advised to apply for accommodation early, especially for on-campus options, as they fill up quickly. Edvoy counsellors can help international applicants with any process of their application.

There is also the Lancaster Complex available for students. This complex offers en-suite rooms with a shared kitchen and living areas, making it a popular choice for students who want a balance of privacy and community. It's close to the sports facilities, making it ideal for students keen on staying active.

There are also Clifton and Chepstow Halls for a budget-friendly standard accommodation option, with shared bathroom facilities. These options are perfect for students looking for an affordable and sociable living environment.

The Isambard Complex is a more expensive yet more luxurious option, known for its spacious en-suite rooms and modern facilities. It's designed for students who seek more comfort and privacy.

Another option is the Bishop Complex, offering en-suite rooms, with easy access to the central university facilities. It's great for students who want the convenience of living on campus with a bit more privacy.

For international students preferring to live off-campus, the university provides resources to help find private accommodations in the surrounding areas of Uxbridge and London. 

Brunel University also offers dedicated support through its Accommodation Services, which assists international students in navigating the housing market, understanding lease agreements, and finding the best accommodation to meet their needs. 

This comprehensive support ensures that students from abroad can settle into their new life at Brunel with ease and confidence.

Why do students choose Brunel University?

Brunel University student life goes far beyond the bricks and mortar: the campus itself is a mini-world, with green spaces, cafes serving international cuisine (think samosas alongside fish and chips!), and a bustling Students' Union buzzing with activity. 

Speaking of the Union, it's the heart of Brunel University student life. From joining a sports team to attending cultural events and movie nights, it's where you'll meet people, make memories, and discover hidden talents you never knew you had. 

The Uxbridge location makes campus life at Brunel University appealing as students know they are in a multicultural area with good connections to all areas of London. 

For example, Heathrow Airport is only a 15-minute drive away. The close connections give international students the confidence needed to move to the UK, safe in the knowledge the London Underground is mere footsteps away.

The International Student Support team offers advice to international students on problems such as VISA enquiries, course requirements and any other questions a student may have.

Brunel University student life: A London location

And let's not forget about London! Being just a short train ride away, it's like having a playground at your doorstep. 

Museums, concerts, historical landmarks—the list goes on and on. But don't underestimate the magic of exploring nearby towns like Uxbridge and Windsor too. 

There is a lot of tourist activity you can pack into your time as a student at Brunel University thanks to its West London location and proximity to the London Underground.

The fact that 93% of Brunel undergraduates are in employment or further study after 6 months of graduation stands out as attractive to motivated international applicants. 

The addition of a major capital city location only boosts how attractive Brunel University is to international students as big industry names are on their doorstep.

As far as academics go, Brunel University professors are experts in their fields, and the classes are engaging and interactive.

The aforementioned support system is also fantastic and globally recognised, with tutors and advisors always willing to lend a helping hand.

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Is Brunel University right for you?

So, is Brunel University campus life for you? If you're looking for an academically stimulating, culturally enriching, and overall fun experience, then the answer is a resounding yes. 

The key is to embrace the opportunities, step outside your comfort zone, and make the most of your Brunel University adventure.

Student life at Brunel University is really about more than just studying: it's a place where students can feel at home, make friends, and enjoy a bunch of activities. 

No matter where you're from, you'll find something for you here, from different places to live that fit your budget to clubs and events that keep you busy and happy. 

It's a great spot for anyone looking to make the most out of their university years, offering a fun, friendly, and helpful environment for everyone.

Browse our dedicated page for Brunel University today to see if student life there is right for you!

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