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Fast track to success: Brunel's top courses that land you dream jobs

By Madie Howard• Last updated: Apr 9, 2024
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Thinking about studying at Brunel University? You're in for a treat! But with so many courses, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

Established in 1966, Brunel University has evolved into a world leader that prides itself on its international outlook, academic reputation and producing cutting-edge research on the world stage.

Brunel University London was named after the influential British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who built the Great Western Railway in the 1800s.

Ideally located in Uxbridge, West London, Brunel offers a green and self-contained campus environment with easy access to the heart of London. 

This proximity to one of the world's leading financial, cultural, and creative cities provides students with endless opportunities for leisure, networking, and career development.

It also offers great transport links to other major UK cities thanks to its position on the Piccadilly line.

As one of the top 25 ‘most international’ universities in the world, applicants are rightfully attracted to how focused Brunel University is on forming a multicultural experience that sets graduates up for long-term employment. 

There are over 120 undergraduate courses to choose from, most of which are studied full-time and graduates from Brunel earn 15% more than the university average!

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Achieve your research dreams with Brunel

Brunel University offers a broad range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees that are taught to the highest standard, including engineering, design, arts, law, business, health, and sports sciences. 

Many students are moved by social justice causes, due in part to the rise in social media usage and growing up in a landscape where climate change has already begun to interfere with our daily lives.

Brunel is renowned for its strong research output, allowing students to focus on applied research to address real-world problems. 

Here are some examples of where Brunel University’s research has made a real-world impact:

Chronic Health Conditions

Brunel has conducted groundbreaking research in health sciences, including studies on ageing, public health, cancer treatment, and rehabilitation. For instance, its research on physiotherapy and rehabilitation has improved treatment methodologies and patient outcomes for those suffering from chronic conditions and injuries.

Engineering and Design

Reflecting its namesake Isambard Kingdom Brunel's legacy, the university has a great reputation for engineering and design research. Innovations in areas such as sustainable materials, aerospace engineering, and digital manufacturing have contributed to more efficient and environmentally friendly production processes and technologies.

Environmental Science

Brunel's research in environmental science and sustainability has led to significant advancements in understanding and mitigating the impacts of climate change, pollution, and resource depletion. This includes developing technologies for cleaner energy production, waste management, and water treatment. 

Social Sciences and Public Policy

Research in social sciences at Brunel has informed public policy on issues such as social inequality, education, migration, and healthcare. The university's work in this area has influenced government policies and practices, aiming to create more equitable and effective societal systems.

Sport, Health, and Exercise Sciences

Brunel's research in sports science has enhanced athletic performance, injury prevention, and physical education. Its contributions have not only benefited elite athletes but also the general public, promoting healthier lifestyles and physical well-being.

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Digital Innovation and Computing

Brunel has contributed to advancements in artificial intelligence, data analytics, cybersecurity, and digital health. These innovations have applications in various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and security, enhancing efficiency, safety, and user experience.

Business and Management

Brunel's research in business and management has provided insights into organisational behaviour, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. This work helps businesses and nonprofits to operate more sustainably and ethically.

Interested in Brunel University?
Get end-to-end information on course details, campus facilities, fees, scholarships, expert advice and more.

Sandwich courses at Brunel

What is a sandwich course? Brunel University pioneered the innovative degree method, with integrated curriculums that combine pioneering theory with practical learning opportunities. 

Simply put, a sandwich course is a program that integrates periods of academic study with periods of professional work placement or industry experience within the duration of the degree.

Industry placements are designed to give students real-world, practical, hands-on experience of how to put the skills they’ve learned into practice so they are highly employable upon graduation.

Typically, a sandwich course extends the duration of a degree program by a year, making a three-year bachelor's degree into a four-year program, with one of those years dedicated to work placement.

The structure of a sandwich course generally follows this pattern:

  • Initial Study Period: Students begin their course with one or two years of academic study at Brunel University, learning foundational knowledge and skills integral to their field.
  • Placement Year: Following this period, students then undertake a placement year, where they work in an industry relevant to their course. This placement can be with a single employer or multiple employers, and in some cases, it might involve studying abroad or working on research projects.
  • Final Study Period: After the completion of their placement year, students return to the university for the final year(s) of their course, where they continue with their academic studies, often with a deeper understanding and practical perspective of their field.

Not only does opting for a sandwich course give you invaluable practical experience, but it also gives students the chance to build professional networks, a competitive edge and the potential opportunity of receiving job offers whilst on placement.

Sandwich courses are particularly popular in some of Brunel University’s most sought-after courses, such as engineering, business, computer science, and healthcare.

What does Brunel University specialise in?

Brunel offers a wide range of engineering courses, including civil, mechanical, aerospace, electrical, electronic, and chemical engineering, among others. 

Many international students choose to specialise in their area of interest or explore interdisciplinary approaches within engineering.

There are more than 57 engineering courses available as part of Brunel University’s top courses, with its Mechanical Engineering course standing out as one of the most popular choices. 

Innovation is incorporated into Brunel’s Engineering and Computer Science degree programme as it allows students to explore AI during their course duration. 

AI is increasingly becoming a major part of our daily lives so it pays for students to learn how to use it expertly. 

In the coming years, employers will want young people to offer their AI degree expertise and it is always beneficial to be able to offer skills without needing additional training.

Other innovation-focused degrees include Brunel’s Nursing and Therapy programs as they use cutting-edge technology to teach students how to care for people worldwide. 

Brunel University London continuously invests in its campus and facilities to ensure it maintains its reputation as a leader in engineering and technology-related fields.

From advanced laboratories and design studios to sports facilities and a modern library, the university supports a comprehensive educational experience. 

Likewise, the university is known for its innovative teaching methods, which include project-based learning, industry input, and the use of technology to enhance learning. This approach prepares students for the challenges of the modern workplace.

Brunel University London is committed to sustainability and social responsibility, integrating these principles into its operations, research, and teaching. 

What is Brunel University ranked overall?

Brunel University has also been ranked 40th in the UK by the official QS rankings, which students should look to as official bodies give you reliable information about a university.

The university is ranked as the 14th best UK university for producing the most employable graduates: a statistic that is particularly impressive to ambitious international students as there are 166 universities in the UK!

Brunel University is a stand-out university for fast-tracking students to success.

International applicants don’t need to only dream of designing robots, building the next big app, or exploring the depths of artificial intelligence: at Brunel University, it can become a reality.

Whether it's through cutting-edge engineering degrees, dynamic business degrees, innovative healthcare courses, or groundbreaking computer science and IT studies, Brunel University equips its graduates with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in their chosen careers.

In conclusion, Brunel University London stands out as a pioneering institution where ambition meets opportunity.

Brunel University’s top courses have been designed with a keen eye on the future of the industry and the evolving job market, offering students a unique blend of academic excellence, practical experience, and invaluable industry connections.

Browse our dedicated page for Brunel University today to browse the courses on offer and see which career path is right for you.

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