Weekly news roundup: Irish Universities to increase opportunities for Indian students

By Haripriya Sivasubramaniam• Last updated: Oct 30, 2023
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Another week is done, with another mixed bag of news from the education hub. Starting with the Irish Universities’ plan for Indian students, till the Otago University’s new addition to its campus in NZ, here is this week’s educational news roundup from diverse parts of the world!

Education in Emergencies made it to the headlines at the first Europe Humanitarian Forum

The Geneva global hub for Education in Emergencies hosted an online humanitarian talk on the 21st of March. This event is stated to be a part of Europe’s first-ever humanitarian forum and it was conducted in Brussels from the 21st to the 23rd of this month.

Ambassador Felix Baumann, the Deputy Permanent Rep from Switzerland to the UN inaugurated the event and called for a greater commitment to education in emergencies. He added that this facet remains an under-addressed one while reiterating Switzerland’s commitment to discovering and working on the issue’s upliftment.

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The University of Otago welcomes a new duality delta superanalogue console

The University of Otago, one of NZ's top-ranked universities, opened a new school of performing arts in 2020. This new state-of-the-art facility is now the owner of a two-storey complex that features the Solid State Logic Duality Delta SuperAnalogue Console.

This console is a product of Amber Technology NZ and is kept in the main recording studio. The mixing console is set to be used for real-time teaching while being lent to musical projects at a national and international scale. The school believes that lending this for the development of art will encourage community engagement via workshops and other events.

Irish universities to offer increased opportunities for Indian students

Ireland’s Minister of state for trade promotion, Robert Tray, made a visit to India a few days back. The purpose of his visit was to meet the local representatives of Maynooth and Technological University of Shannon at the Ambassadors’ residence, New Delhi.

During his visit, he felt elated to see how the two countries share a bond in delivering top-quality education to students while setting up the first overseas admissions podium for the tech universities in India. He also lauded the commitment that the Irish Higher Education Institutions have made to India.

Strike called over a university’s two-tier recruitment plans on “inferior terms”

The Unions and Academics at Staffordshire University want the institution to stop hiring new employees through a subsidiary company on “inferior terms”.

The members have planned to go on strike on March 28th, as they are discontented with the University’s actions and branded those as inherently unfair. Another incident that triggered the strike is that the employees who were recruited after August 2021 weren’t offered a Teaching Pension Scheme (TPS). Instead, they were provided with Staffordshire’s own defined contribution scheme which is an unguaranteed set level of compensation in retirement.

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