Weekly news roundup- US celebrates National Study abroad day

By Haripriya Sivasubramaniam• Last updated: Jun 26, 2023
Weekly news roundup- US celebrates National Study abroad day
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While the world is mindful of the surging conflicts and the war tiffs between Ukraine and Russia, here's what has happened in the education bubble this week.

The USA celebrates National Study Abroad day.

The universities and colleges in the United States of America celebrated National Study Abroad day on February 28, 2022. The day is commemorated every year on the last Monday of Feb month.

The day has been recognised and celebrated since 2020, when Erin Kuhert and Jessica Mulvihill came up with this special day idea. This happened while they were serving in a study abroad scholarship committee together. The motto behind celebrating the day is to raise awareness of Study Abroad programs' profound impact on students. Those impacts will be on understanding various cultures and diversity and increased intercultural competence.

Nebraska- Lincoln's Peace Corps grooms students for global careers

Nine undergraduate students have been onboarded to the Peace Corps Prep program in the university. The event took place at the inaugural cohort of the program this semester.

This certificate program offers targeted hands-on coursework experience in helping students build competencies for professional leadership and intercultural skills.

Canada's Study Visa Permit struggle continues for students.

Being one of the most preferred study destinations for students from India and Asia, Canada has a backlog of international students' admissions.

Although there has been an increasing manifold of applicants in recent years, multiple lockdowns due to the COVID-19 have hindered the university application process. Also, students who have applied for the study visa permit are awaiting the clearance of application backlogs due to pandemic restrictions.

The UK government has developed an edu package for the most disadvantaged.

The Government of the United Kingdom has come up with plans and reforms to level up the education accessible to the most disadvantaged people. They believe that sanctioning the facilities to the students and the young generation from a poor background will strengthen its reforms.

To initiate and execute the Government's educational drive, schools, skills and families at the heart of the Government have plans to improve public services and level up left-behind areas.

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