Weekly news roundup: WHO launches Essential Childbirth Care course

By Haripriya Sivasubramaniam• Last updated: Jun 26, 2023
Weekly news roundup: WHO launches Essential Childbirth Care course
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This week, we have brought together some exciting happenings from the global education hub. Starting with the launch of a new course by WHO till Brexit's act on the withdrawal of research funds, here's a brief on what's happening in the education sphere!

New Tech institutes established under Ireland's National Strategy for Higher Education

A few novel technological universities have been set out in Ireland's education sector. This is a National Strategy for Higher Education’s project and subsequently legislated under the Technological Universities Act.

The strategy to 2030 recommended significant reform to the higher education sector like consolidation of tech institutes to develop amalgamated institutions.

85000+ students trust Edvoy
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Brexit threatens to withdraw £250M from UK Research funding in the EU

The British Universities are in a brain drain as a dispute over Brexit with Northern Ireland threatens £250M from research funding.

The European Research Council (ERC) has written to 98 scientists and scholars recently approved for grants under the Horizon Europe Programme. They stated that they should ratify the UK's association with the programme to avail of the subsidy.

International students need indigenous education in Canada: Executive director of Ryerson University

Isaac Garcia-Sitton, the executive director of Ryerson University Canada, called out for future generations and newcomers to learn more about the jurisdiction and historical issues the indigenous populations have faced.

The director also quoted how the Canadian universities have extended their support for inclusivity and diversity. So he continued that this support should throw some light on the lives of the native people from the pages of history.

WHO launches interprofessional midwifery education toolkit

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has developed a new course based on essential childbirth care and midwifery concepts. The organisation believes that this will offer midwives and other health professionals a key solution in providing care, hygiene, and other mandatory elements during pregnancy and childbirth.

The course provides innovative, funny and challenging in-service adult education for the care of healthy women and their healthy newborns with pre-service education.

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