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What can you do with a Political Science degree?

By Haripriya Sivasubramaniam• Last updated: Jul 14, 2023
What can you do with a Political Science degree?
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Having a degree in political science opens doors to many opportunities. A political science graduate generally excels in politics, law, and journalism. But what does it offer apart from these? To answer this question let us briefly explore.

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What do political graduates do?

A student who completes a political science degree can work in government organisations as a political campaigner, a lobbyist, an intellectual lawyer or a public policy researcher. There are various degrees like Associate’s, Bachelors and Masters. Each one gives you exposure to an abundant number of opportunities around the world! Especially if you complete a Bachelors in political science, you can apply for full-time law studies in reputed law schools!. Now let us look at what jobs you can get with a political science degree.

Jobs you can get with a political science degree

Paralegal or legal assistant

Annual average salary$52,920
Job growth12%

A Legal Assistant aids in the legal processes by organising files, conducting research and drafting legal documents for cases. So, your job functions include investigating statements, gathering information and bringing the data together. Although a degree of Associate’s in political science is enough, graduating with a bachelor’s will enhance your profile for this career. The average salary ranges around $50,000, but more than 10% in this job earn nearly $85,000.

Policy analyst

Annual average salary$53,300
Job growth9%

A political or a policy analyst investigates or studies current and potential future policies to propose social issues. You will conduct research, observe the trends and draft policies based on the intensity of the problem they resolve. Added, you’ll influence regulations on local, state and national level issues. You can do a bachelor’s degree in political science, public policy, and public administration to land this job.

Public relations manager

Annual average salary$57,394
Job growth13%

As a public relations manager, you will be coordinating all public related activities and strategizing marketing and media communication plans. Your communication skills are the key to being a pro in this field! Although a degree in political science is advanced for this job role, it makes you a lucrative candidate to establish yourself in this career.       


Annual average salary$90,304
Job growth7%

A diplomat’s job role is the most lucrative and is a perfect example of what you can do with a political science degree! As a diplomat, you’ll be specialised in diplomatic deals in international policies. Your job roles specifically include drafting and proofreading written reports and guidelines. Also, you will liaise with high commissions and embassies to ensure the smooth running of ministerial and diplomatic works.

Development officer

Annual average salary$64,568
Job growth11%

A development officer generally ideates fundraising plans and ensures compliance with all revenue handling activities. You will also be analysing all contract procedures and implementing an effective recruitment plan to keep the analysis running. You will perform regular research on both types of firms- public and private.

Top reasons to pursue a political science major

Apart from the major's significant job roles, here are some top reasons why you should choose political science as a major!

The impact that the major will have in your lives! Choosing political science as a major helps you study and understand the governing system you and I are part of!       

Demand: There is always a demand for well-informed political science graduates in the job market. This is one of the key answers to what you can do with a political science degree. 
It's worth it! The BLS (Bureau of Labour Statistics) has come up with stats saying that there will be 5% job growth in this field on all facets like physical, life and social sciences. This growth is predicted to be a rapid one and above average.

How to get a political science degree?

Now with you being ready to kickstart your educational voyage in political science, let us look at the eligibility requirements to land on your dream university!

CountryGeneral eligibility requirements
  • 70-80% score with Social science, economics or humanities as a subject.
  • IELTS requirements: 7.0 overall
  • AAA/AAB requirements
  • Four years of UG degree (for PG entry)
  • TOEFL/ IELTS scores.
  • 2-3 years work experience (preferable)
  • 80% score in higher education
  • Scores of IELTS/TOEFL
  • GRE scores 
  • Bachelor's degree with 60% equivalent score
New Zealand
  • IELTS scores 
  • High school equivalent score 
  • 2-5 years work experience
Unsure about which course to choose?
Edvoy provides free expert guidance and helps you shortlist courses with ease

Types of political science degrees

While exploring the mandatory requirements to pursue your higher education abroad, look out for the types of programs the schools generally offer.

Degree typeSyllabus and curriculumWhat next?Career opportunities
AssociatesEnglish, social science, political science, economicsCan pursue a bachelor's degree as a junior.Can prep for office administration.
BachelorsComparative politics, international relations, political methodologyCan continue with postgrad programs or law schools.Some entry-level positions at agencies, nonprofits and companies.
MastersSecurity, peace and conflict, thesisIntend to lead to a doctorate or can enter the job market.Pave the way for opportunities like Political scientists, high school teachers and senior analysts.
DoctorateAdvanced political theory, modelling, dissertationTerminal degree in political science.PhD to work in academia and hold specific leadership roles.

Top universities that offer a political science major

Now it's time to know everything about the universities that offer top programs in political science. According to QS rankings, here’s a list of top universities for studying political science.


UniversityAnnual tuition fee
London School of Economics and Political Science21.57k- 22.43k
University of Cambridge21.57k- 37.81k
University of St. Andrews21k- 25k
Kings college24.65k
University of Oxford27k- 29k


UniversityAnnual tuition fee
Stanford University$52,433
Harvard University$47,730
Princeton University$48,502
University of Michigan- Ann Harbor$52,266


UniversityAnnual tuition fee
University of Toronto58,160 CAD
McGill University29,200 CAD
University of British Columbia38,946 CAD
University of Montreal20,400 CAD
University of Ottawa25,554 CAD


UniversityAnnual tuition fee
University of Dublin£79,600
University of Cork£64,320
Dublin City University£45,000
University of Limerick£50,056
Trinity College Dublin£82,436

New Zealand

UniversityAnnual tuition fee
University of Auckland33,688 NZD
Victoria University of Wellington27,374 NZD
University of Otago20,000 NZD
University of Canterbury28,460 NZD
University of Waikato27,210 NZD

Famous political leaders around the globe!

Here’s a list of famous personalities in politics whose works, thoughts and ideologies will inspire you to follow their path!

Barack Obama - This first African-American President is known for his strategies on international diplomacy. He was honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize for that accomplishment in 2009.   
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam - Popularly known as the People’s President and the Missile man of India. This 11th Indian President started his life as an Aerospace scientist at DRDO and ISRO.   
Dr B.R. Ambedkar - He is India’s first minister of law and justice. Ambedkar is the chief architect of the Indian Constitution, and he inspired the Dalit Buddhist movement.   
Nelson Mandela - The revolutionary and the first black head of South Africa who dismantled the legacy of Apartheid.   
Fidel Castro - The only political leader of Cuba who served as both Prime minister and President of the country. He is celebrated as the face of communism in his nation to date.


1. What do you learn in political science?

While studying political science you will learn law and politics from domestic, international, and comparative perspectives. It entails understanding political ideas, ideologies, policies and processes.   

2. Is a master’s in political science worth it?

Yes. If you are an academic interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer, historian or political scientist, do not wait to get your postgrad degree!   

3. Which country is the best to study political science?

According to study abroad aspirants, Canada is the top choice to study political science.

So did you get a clear picture of what you can do with a political science degree? Come to us with your thoughts and we, at edvoy will assist you in making them come true! It’s high time to kickstart your educational journey!

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