Cost of studying in the UK for Indian students

The United Kingdom is one country that holds a sizable number of students from overseas. Many of the historically famous universities and top-tier institutions are located in some of the vibrant cities of the UK like London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham.

But, the cost of studying in the UK for Indian students like you might sound prohibitively expensive.

So, with the help of the content provided in this article, you can work on tallying your expenditures for your UK study plans!

Factors for planning the expenditures

While planning your cost of studying in the UK, tuition fees will be your primary expenditure in consideration. While the price varies according to the university and the course you choose, here are the other factors that you should be wary of while planning your expenditures;

  • Accommodation
  • Food and travel expenses
  • Visa and immigration costs
  • Transport and commutation

Top-ranked universities with their fee details

Now with the factors in hand, let us look in deep at what range the tuition fee generally falls across various UK universities. Here’s a list of top-ranked UK universities and their average annual tuition fee to help with your planning on the cost of studying UG or MS in the UK.

University NameAverage annual tuition feeLocation
University of Oxford£27k-39kOxford
University of Cambridge£22k-80kTrinity Ln
Imperial College London£31k-57kSouth Kensington, London
University College London£21k-39kLondon
University of Edinburgh£20k-30kSouthBridge, Edinburgh
The University of Manchester£19k-46kManchester
King’s College London£23k-42kLondon
London School of Economics and Political Science£23k-32kLondon
University of Bristol£20k-38kBristol
The University of Warwick£23k-35kCoventry

Average cost of doing Undergraduate for Indian students

Since the education system in India and the UK are more or less similar, the higher education programs are classified as undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate. Look out for the upcoming intakes in the UK to start applying.

For each programme, the tuition fee varies for Indian and international students, and this will play a significant part in the cost of studying in the UK. So let’s have a look at fee expenditure for some of the majors in detail;

UG ProgrammeAnnual fee expenditure
Diploma courses£10-15k

Average cost of pursuing postgraduate for Indian students

For studying for a postgraduate degree in the UK, the fee costs you double the time of an undergraduate degree. Let’s look at the expense of doing an MS in the UK for Indian students.

PG/MS ProgrammeAnnual fee expenditure
Management courses£9-35k

Visa and Airfare costs

The United Kingdom offers two types of visas for overseas students. Out of them, 95 percent of the students apply and avail of the Tier 4 student visa to study full-time courses in the UK. Especially as an Indian student, you’ll need the tier 4 student visa to pursue your higher studies there.

As a part of tier 4 visa application requirements, your 1st-year tuition fee should be paid partially or fully before the advent of your classes. You should submit document proofs for completely funding your tuition fee for the first year alongside the accommodation and other living expenses.

Read the following article to know everything about clearing your UK visa interview.

Types of visaApplication fees
Short-term study visa£97/6 months; £186/11 months
Tier 4 student visa (general)£348
Tier 4 student visa (child)£348

Miscellaneous expenditures

Accommodation: The monthly cost of living ranges from 1100 to 1400 pounds depending on the city you are living in and the accommodation type you are looking for. Most colleges and institutes offer boards for their students, and the tuition fee ranges accordingly.

If you plan to look for private accommodations, the rental will be costlier than the university ones and will cost you around 350 to 550 pounds per month. So the best alternative will be the university halls and dorms in UK universities.

Food and groceries: There are numerous ethnic, authentic restaurants and food outlets for you to try out and treat your taste buds with delicacies around the globe! So, save around 200- 500 Euros separately for the food and grocery expenses.

Transport and commutation: Your transportation expenses are dependent on your accommodation type. If your university offers to-and-fro shuttle services to the place you are staying, it’ll cut your transportation cost. Else you have to rely on public transportation services.

Here’s a list of other miscellaneous expenditures that you should consider while planning your living cost in the UK as an Indian student.

Bills (electric/gas/water)£40-50 
TV license£12.56 (150 per year)
Mobile phone£15-50
Leisure and sports£10-20 
Books and stationery£21 

Scholarships and financial aid offered in the UK

Several scholarships offered for Indian students like you will tally your cost of studying in the UK. Here are a few to be named that will help you cover your daily expenses while in the UK.

  • Chevening scholarships offered by the UK Government.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plan for year-long masters courses.
  • Charles Wallace scholarships by the British Council.
  • Marshall Scholarships.
  • UK university scholarships are offered by The University of Cambridge, King’s College London, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, etc.


1. How much does it cost for an Indian to study in the UK?

Considering the tuition fee as the primary expenditure, the cost of studying for an Indian student in the UK ranges between 16 lakhs to 40 lakhs (INR)

2. Is the UK an expensive country to live in?

Like any other country, the UK is a potpourri of expensive and affordable cities to live in and pursue your higher studies.

3. How much does it cost to study Undergraduate in the UK?

The annual tuition fee for any UG programme in the UK is at least 10,000 pounds.

4. How much does it cost to study for a Masters in the UK?

The annual tuition fee for postgraduate or MS programmes in the UK ranges from 13,000 pounds to 17,500 pounds.

Hope that you got a little idea of where to start with your budgeting plans before departing to the UK! But, there’s nothing to worry about even if you are stuck in the process. Connect with Edvoy today to get back on track for your seamless educational journey to the UK!