Can I get a 100% scholarship for MS abroad? 

Updated on: Aug 29, 2023

Obtaining a 100% scholarship for a Master's degree (MS) program abroad can be quite challenging, but it is not entirely impossible. Scholarships are competitive and the availability of full funding varies depending on factors such as the country, university, field of study and individual qualifications. However, there are several avenues to explore:

  • Merit-Based Scholarships: Many universities and organisations offer merit-based scholarships for exceptional students. These scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements, research experience, leadership qualities or other criteria.
  • Government Scholarships: Some governments provide scholarships for international students pursuing higher education abroad. These scholarships often cover tuition fees, living expenses and other costs. 
  • Institutional Scholarships: Certain universities allocate funds specifically for international students. These scholarships can range from partial to full tuition waivers and they may be based on a combination of academic merit, financial need and other factors.
  • External Scholarships: Numerous external organisations, such as foundations, corporations and nonprofit institutions, offer scholarships for international students. These scholarships may be based on specific criteria such as field of study, country of origin or professional background.

To increase your chances of securing a 100% scholarship, it is essential to conduct thorough research, maintain an excellent academic record, prepare a compelling application package and apply well in advance. Additionally, consider contacting the international student offices at your target universities for information on available scholarships and financial aid options.

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