How to search for scholarships through Edvoy 

Updated on: Sep 7, 2023

Learn the different ways to look for scholarships through Edvoy.

Look for courses with scholarships

Step 1

Type 'scholarships' in the search bar on Edvoy's home page and press 'Enter'.

Step 2

The result of this search will show you thecourses that come with scholarships.

Note: You can use the filter on the left side of the window to shortlist courses.

Step 3

You can click on ‘Show scholarships’ to see the available scholarships for the course.

Look for scholarships directly

Step 1

Scroll down in Edvoy's home page. You will come across popular scholarships. Click on 'Show more scholarships' to see all the available scholarships.

Step 2

Click on the scholarship for more details about it.

You can use the filter on the left-hand side of the screen to select the location and course level. This way, you can find the scholarships that are most apt for you and your course.

Note: You can reach this page by also clicking on scholarships in the explore section at the bottom of the home page.