6 of the best student newspapers in the UK

By Lily Martin• Last updated: Oct 30, 2023
6 of the best student newspapers in the UK
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Universities across the UK are known for their excellent extracurricular programmes. At the heart of these are student newspapers who report, both online and in print, on the things going on on-campus.

Student media is an important part of the extracurricular offering at almost every university in the UK. It is open to all students, no matter what course they are studying, and can include not only newspaper journalism, but also work on the radio and television.

The experience and skills developed working in student media can be an excellent addition to your CV, no matter what career you are pursuing. Moreover, student media gives you an opportunity to make valuable contacts both on-campus and in the wider community.

Here, we explore our six top picks for student newspapers across the UK, chosen for their reputation, awards won and history at the heart of student journalism.

1. Exeposé, University of Exeter

The Exeposé has been at the heart of events at the University of Exeter since 1987, although the first student newspaper at the university was back in 1938.

The newspaper has its own website, and a reputation for spearheading investigative and campaigning front-page stories. It has over 40 section editors, four editors and covers news, music, the arts, science, features and comment.

It has won numerous awards, including being named Best Publication of the Year by the Student Publication Association in 2020.

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2. Nouse, University of York

Nouse is one of two student newspapers at the University of York, in addition to a satirical publication.

It’s name comes from the Ancient Greek, nous, meaning common sense, a word commonly used in the north of England.

The newspaper is the oldest registered society at the University of York Students’ Union, founded in 1964 by acclaimed journalist and alumni Nigel Fountain.

It publishes three editions in each of the Autumn and Spring terms, and twice in the Summer and its staff consists entirely of current students. The main newspaper covers news, comment, politics, business, science and sport. The ‘Muse’ culture section features columns, arts, fashion, music, film and TV, alongside gaming, travel and food.

Students can write and contribute to any section of the newspaper, depending on their interests.

In recent years, it has become the university’s largest student media society, collecting nominations and awards at the National Student Journalism Awards and Guardian Student Media Awards.

3. Impact, University of Nottingham

Impact is the official student magazine at the University of Nottingham, having first been founded in 1939.

The first student newspaper at the university was called ‘The Gong’ and established in 1895. In 2009, the magazine in its current form released its 200th issue during its 70th birthday year.

It is known for its diversity of content, as well as its unique style compared to other student publications across the UK.

4. The Mancunion, University of Manchester

The Mancunion is the UK’s largest student newspaper and can be found at the University of Manchester. It has existed in several forms since 1964, originally only covering affairs of the Students’ Union.

Today, it is considered a highly-professional tabloid-style newspaper. It covers news, investigations, the arts, sciences, sport and sits alongside a radio station and television station. All are run by current students at the university.

The newspaper, and its journalists, have received numerous prestigious awards, both at the Student Publication Association Awards and Guardian Student Media Awards. It has also played an important role in breaking developing news and investigation stories that have gone on to hit national and international headlines.

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 5. The Gown, Queen’s University Belfast

The Gown is the student newspaper at Queen’s University Belfast. Founded in 1955 by medical student Richard Herman, it now has a circulation of over 3000.

It has played an important role in reporting on the events in Northern Ireland since its formation. During The Troubles, it covered the developments within Belfast and on the university campus.

Previous contributors include Mark Carruthers of BBC Northern Ireland, Henry McDonald of The Observer, Nick Ross, Eamonn McCann, Irish Times correspondent Conor O’Clery and cartoonist Martyn Turner.

6. The Boar, University of Warwick

The Boar is the University of Warwick’s student newspaper and one of the most recognisable and acclaimed student publications in the UK.

Established in 1973, editions are published fortnightly and despite being a society of the Students’ Union, the newspaper has editorial independence. It is a free newspaper, and also has a well-established website. 

In 2020, The Boar won two awards at the Student Publication Association Awards, following on from its win as Student Publication of the Year at the inaugural BBC Radio 4 Journalism Awards in 2018 and 2019.

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