Anna University CGPA calculator

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Anna University CGPA calculator
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How to calculate CGPA in Anna University?

The formula followed by Anna University to calculate CGPA/GPA is:

GPA/CGPA= (i=1nCi*GPi) (i=1nCi)


  • Ci is the credit points for a course.
  • GPi is the grade point obtained for a course
  • n is the number of all the courses cleared successfully in a semester.

Here’s an example of credits earned and the CGPA calculated for a student in a semester.

Course nameCredit points assigned for the courseGrade scored
Engineering Mathematics 14B
Engineering Chemistry4A
C programming4O
Computer Aided Drawing lab1A+
Japanese Spoken Language3A+

According to Anna University’s grading regulations 2021,

Score for B will fall between 51-60

Score for A is between 71-80

And for A+ it will be 81-90 

Mark range for O is 91-100

So his/her CGPA will be,

CGPA = [(4*56) + (4*78) + ((4*97) + (1*85) + (3*83)]


The final result will be CGPA = 7.862

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Converting Anna University grade CGPA to percentage

To convert CGPA to percentage, multiply CGPA obtained by 10.

Refer to this article to learn further about converting CGPA to a percentage.

Percentage= CGPA*10

Let’s take the CGPA result from the first example. Now its percentage equivalent is,

Percentage = 7.862*10 = 78.62%

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CGPA calculator Anna University

Anna University or the College of Engineering Guindy (CEG), is one of India's oldest and top engineering institutes. It was founded in 1794 as CEG in Chennai (an Indian city) and became a unitary institute in 1974.

Today, 570+ engineering and technology schools in Tamil Nadu (Indian state) are affiliated with Anna University. So, the administration, courses offered, and grading scheme are the same.

The institute offers courses in engineering, business administration and computer applications.

In this article, let us look at the CGPA calculation method followed by the university.

Number of subjects per semester

An engineering undergraduate programme is divided into 8 semesters for 4 years.

Each semester has at least 5 lecture subjects (theory) and 2 laboratory subjects (practical).

In addition to the vocational and online courses offered, the number of subjects per semester does not exceed 10.

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Credits assigned to each subject

Each subject is assigned specific credit points in a semester. These credits play a significant role in calculating your CGPA or overall grade point average. While using the Anna University CGPA calculator, you’ll be entering the grade points or these credit points to calculate your final CGPA.

General classes in a semesterCredit points assigned
1 lecture period1
2 tutorial periods (optional class; arrears, if any)1
2 laboratory periods (also for project/ seminar/ case study)1

Anna University grade

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is a grading scale followed in universities. The CGPA calculator Anna University finds your CGPA by adding the grade points for all the subjects and then dividing them by the total number of subjects. This is the common CGPA calculator for engineering.

GPA is the ratio of the sum of the product of course credits and grade points to the sum of the number of course credits in the semester.

Things to know before calculate CGPA Anna University

To calculate the CGPA using the Anna University CGPA calculator, you should know the subject credit points and your exam grade score.

Use the formula given below to calculate your CGPA.

Grading system followed by Anna University CGPA calculator

All assessments of the course are evaluated on an absolute mark basis. Grade letters are awarded based on the mark range within which your score lies out of 100. 

Here is the grading system in anna university

Letter gradesCorresponding grade pointMark range
O (Outstanding)1091-100
A+ (Excellent)981-90
A (Very good)871-80
B+ (Good)761-70
B (Average)651-60
C (Satisfactory)5<50
RA (Re-Appearance)0-
SA (shortage of attendance)0-
W (Withdrawal)0-

Anna University CGPA percentage chart

Here is the percentage chart for the corresponding CGPA points based on Anna University’s grading system regulations 2021. You can refer to this and compare your CGPA points calculated by the Anna University CGPA calculator.

CGPACorresponding percentage

Contents in the overall grade sheet

Your grade sheet will have the following details:

  • Name of your college
  • List of courses enrolled and the grades secured
  • The Grade Point Average (GPA) obtained in that semester
  • CGPA of all courses enrolled from the first semester onwards

Pros and cons of calculating CGPA

The pros:

  • You will have the space to observe, analyse and infer on your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also be able to work on your co-curricular skill set.
  • You won’t have the pressure to score high marks in theoretical and practical facets. Grading your academic accomplishments based on the CGPA system will help you learn at your own pace.

The cons:

  • Since you won’t have accurate information about your scoring, you may tend to underperform.
  • This may tamper with your curricular achievements and make your academic tracking record more generalised.


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FAQs: Anna University CGPA calculator

How to calculate the overall CGPA at Anna University?

You can calculate the overall CGPA using the provided CGPA calculator.

What is the CGPA for 1st class at Anna University?

CGPA on a scale of 7-7.49 out of 10 is considered 1st class.

What is the CGPA for the 2nd class at Anna University?

If you have secured a CGPA between 6.00-6.50, then it is considered 2nd class.

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Is 7.3 CGPA first class in Anna University?

Yes, a CGPA grade of 7.3 is considered first class at Anna University.

How do you calculate GPA for multiple semesters?

You can calculate the GPA for multiple semesters by multiplying each semester’s GPA by the credit hours for the same semester. For example, if you have obtained 42 points for 12 credit hours, divide the credit points by hours, which equals 3.5.

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Will my CGPA increase after clearing backlogs?

Yes, your CGPA scores will improve if you perform well while attempting your backlogs.

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