10 best universities in the USA for a masters in Cyber Security

Aoife O’Mara
Aoife O’Mara
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10 best universities in the USA for a masters in Cyber Security

Trying to decide what to study after graduation? Cyber security could be the way forward. With a growing desire for computer science graduates, studying a masters in cyber security gives you access to one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Moreover, where better to study for a postgraduate degree than in the United States of America, known for its excellent quality of education and work opportunities.

10 Top universities for masters in cyber security in USA for international students

S NoCoursesUniversities
1Cyber Security and PrivacyUniversity of Central Florida
2Cyber Security EngineeringAuburn University
3Cyber SecurityFlorida International University
4Cyber Security ManagementUniversity of Dayton
5Cyber Security in Computer ScienceThe George Washington University
6Cyber Security Risk ManagementIndiana University
7Cyber Intelligence and SecurityEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
8Cyber Security - Technology and PolicyUniversity of Texas at Dallas
9Information Assurance and Cyber SecurityNova Southeastern University
10Information and Cyber SecurityUniversity of California

Here we explore our picks for the best universities for a masters in Cyber Security in the USA.

1. Cyber Security and Privacy, University of Central Florida

Tackling the issue of state, national and international cyber security, this masters offers two tracks for those enrolling.

One route prepares you for becoming an advanced cyber security professional, while the other is for those hoping to become managers or administrative personnel of cyber security and privacy operations. There is the option to conduct a thesis; however this isn’t a requirement.

2.Cyber Security Engineering, Auburn University

This masters programme equips graduates with extensive knowledge on computer and network security, as well as digital forensics, advanced operating systems and reverse engineering.

Elective modules include options to pursue cryptography and software architecture. Upon completion of this course, you will be equipped to identify and assess cybersecurity risks, defend against and mitigate cybersecurity breaches.

Explore Cyber Security Engineering Courses at Auburn

3. Cyber Security, Florida International University

As one of the best universities for a masters in Cyber Security, you get hands-on training in the practical installation and maintenance of secure systems.

Discover the broader implications of cyber security in the context of society, economics and policy. You can even learn about data mining by undertaking one of the many elective modules.

4. Cyber Security Management, University of Dayton

As part of their highly accredited MBA program, students are able to take part in a three-course sequence.

The curriculum includes security management for information systems, managing telecommunications and network systems and managing internet security. 

5. Cyber Security in Computer Science, The George Washington University

This university has been designated as a National Centre of Academic Excellence for Information Assurance by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency.

This designation affords graduates the opportunity for internships, scholarships and job opportunities within the U.S. government. The core subjects of this masters focus on the design and analysis of algorithms, computer architectures, and advanced software paradigms.

6. Cyber Security Risk Management, Indiana University

This masters explores how technology, business and law intersect with cyber security. By exploring each of these and deciding on one of these to concentrate on, the graduate will leave with extensive knowledge in a specialised field of cyber security. The capstone project in the past has allowed students to find solutions to local and state issues.

7. Cyber Intelligence and Security, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The curriculum here is tailored by the ever-changing recommendations of the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security.

You can rest assured you are learning the latest techniques and software. Many graduates have gone on to work with government agencies and leading companies within months of graduating, making this a great option for those pursuing a masters in Cyber Security in the USA.

8. Cyber Security Technology and Policy, University of Texas at Dallas

This is an interdisciplinary degree that combines the science of cyber security with cognitive psychology essentials.

By learning the strategic, policy and analytical aspects of cyber security, students from a non-computer science background will feel at ease. This course also offers electives that focus on privacy, ethics, data security and regulations.

9. Information Assurance and Cyber Security, Nova Southeastern University

Those with an interest in algorithms and data will enjoy this masters in cyber security.

This multidisciplinary program equips students with knowledge of computer science, user experience and, of course, cyber security. Complete this degree, and you will be suited for a number of highly paid roles across multiple industries.

10. Information and Cyber Security, University of California

Although this is a completely online masters programme, this is one of the top cyber security masters programmes.

Students will get hands-on practical experience with security systems and applications, as well as having knowledge of the legal requirements associated with cyber security.

So, ready to find your perfect university and masters in cyber security? Get started with Edvoy, or follow the button below!

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