Cost of studying in the USA for Indian Students

Haripriya Sivasubramaniam
Haripriya Sivasubramaniam
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Cost of studying in the USA for Indian Students

The United States of America remains the number one study destination for Indian students who plan to study abroad. Starting from providing top-notch education to the lively and vibrant campus life, the universities and colleges are significant pillars in holding the spectre for uplifting the US educational hub. But what concerns Indian parents the most is the cost of studying in the USA.

So, this article will guide you through various ways to keep you financially stable while studying in the US, what kind of expenses you should be aware of, and various financial aids and scholarships to help you with your studies!


Factors to be considered while planning the expenditures

It is always essential to plan your expenses and savings whenever you prepare to depart for your study abroad destination. So consider the following factors to make your financial plans when you are abroad apart from the tuition costs.

  • Accommodation expenses
  • Food expenditure
  • Transport and commutation
  • Personal savings, insurances, and taxations

Top-ranked universities and their average tuition fee

Since your main focus is to study abroad at a top university, tuition fees will be your checklist's significant and inevitable expenditure. So let us have a quick look into the tuition fee details in top US universities to get a clear picture of the cost of studying in the USA.

Top US UniversitiesAverage annual tuition fee (in USD)
Arizona State University$28800
Texas A&M University$40268
University of Florida$49908
North Carolina State University$36085
Illinois University of Technology$40465
Washington State University$30,305
University of Wisconsin$38654

Also, it is always optimum to choose public universities over private institutions while picking a university. The primary reason behind this is - the former is funded by the US Government and Government organizations, so the fee is nominal and affordable compared to the latter. Also, these public universities do not compromise the quality of education they provide.

Average cost of studying an undergraduate degree in the USA for Indian students

An undergraduate program is a full-time three or 4-year course offered by US universities. A few colleges also offer two-year skill-based programs. The tuition fee for the undergrad courses varies based on the major you choose in a particular university. Some of the most preferred majors to pursue as a B.Sc, BA or MS degree include Computer Science, Communications, Political Science, Economics and Business.  

So here's a list of tuition fee approximations for each field of the major to help you plan the cost of studying in the USA.

Top US UniversitiesAverage annual tuition fee (in USD)
Arts$30000 - $40000
Engineering$25000 - $50000
Medicine$40000 - $60000
Dentistry$20000 - $70000
Law$25000 - $60000
Nursing$20000 - $55000
Associate courses$10000 - $35000

The average cost of studying a graduate degree in the USA for Indian students

US universities and colleges have a different naming system for degrees. Masters or postgraduate degrees are known as graduate degrees. At the same time, doctoral and PhD degrees come under postgraduate education. Now that you are clear about that, you can apply to study for your graduate degree in the USA after completing your bachelor aka undergraduation.  

Here is a table of some of the most popular courses you can study and their approximate tuition fee. 

Postgraduate majorsTuition fee range (approx.)
Engineering $35000 - $56000
Arts$40000 - $50000
Law$50000 - $65000
Healthcare$15000 - $20000
Nursing$40000 - $60000

Cost of US entrance examinations in INR

To complete the application process for the US universities, it is necessary to submit your language and academic proficiency test scores as a part of the eligibility requirements. So here are the exam fee details in Indian Rupees (conversion based on 23rd March 2022 stats).

ExamsRegistration fee (INR)Additional charges
SAT or ACT₹12200₹2287 - ₹2744

Visa and Airfare costs

The first and foremost factor you should consider in your departure expenditure list is the US student visa cost and its application process. The cost of applying and claiming a US student visa (MRV) is $160, while the price of flight fares ranges from $700 to $1100. Another type of visa, namely SEVIS, costs around $350. Learn more about availing of your US student visa here!

Other types of expenditures in the USA

1. Accommodation

Here comes the next expenditure cadre that you should check before flying to the USA - Boarding and accommodation expenses. Generally, most public and private institutions offer boarding facilities while admitting you in their intakes. Most of them will be dorms that cost you an annual expense of $10000.

But if you plan to rent a place outside, it will cost you comparatively high. Again, the price range varies according to the accommodation type and geographical location. Here's a quick note on what it'll cost you for accommodation in various cities in the USA.

CityYearly accommodation cost (for 1bhk)
Dallas (Texas)$10900
San Francisco$15000
Los Angeles$12875
Newyork City$16300

2. Transportation and commutation costs

If you are staying outside your campus, make sure you save some money for the transportation expenses. It is always better to look for a place within a kilometer or two or at a walkable distance from your College. For long-distance travel, choosing public transportation services will cut costs considerably. If your institution facilitates commutation, then it'll also be of great help. But it is always advisable to keep a sum of $500-$1200 separately for other travel expenses irrespective of the distance.

3. Food and miscellaneous expenses

Your student experience will not be complete without exploring the city and tasting its fantastic cuisine! Life as a student in a brand new city is meant to be enjoyed! So, set aside another $10000 to $25000 as annual savings in your wallet to enjoy the new city life!

Scholarships and financial aid offered by the USA universities

Since studying in the USA is an expensive affair, look out for the scholarships, and financial assistance US universities and colleges provide while applying. Apart from them, the Government also sanctions scholarships for international students as a tool of encouragement. All you need to do is have an excellent academic score to avail a wide range of scholarships!

Some of the famous scholarship programs to assist your cost of living in the USA are;

  • Foreign Fulbright student program
  • Narotam Sekhsaria foundation
  • Humphrey fellowship program
  • Microsoft scholarships
  • Inlaks scholarships


How much does it cost to study MS in the USA?

A: The average tuition fee to pursue MS in top US universities ranges from $10000 to $80000 based on the major you want to study.

What is the cost of studying engineering in the USA for Indian students?

A:  To study undergrad engineering, the fee is approximately 19 lakhs, while for the postgrad, it is estimated to be 26 lakhs.

How can Indian students avail scholarships in the USA?

A: You can avail of family funds from family members who reside in the USA. Choices include applying for private scholarships, Government funding and College fellowships.

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