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May Intake in the UK 2024: Universities, Courses, Requirements, Deadlines and more

By Edvoy• Last updated: Nov 15, 2023
May Intake in the UK 2024: Universities, Courses, Requirements, Deadlines and more
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Thinking of studying at a UK university in 2024? You might consider enrolling as part of the May intake

That’s right… You don’t have to wait until September to embark on your UK university studies. In fact, you could start your degree in the spring of 2024!

We know it might come as a surprise. But actually, there are plenty of May intake universities in the UK

Lots of excellent UK higher education institutions offer three intake periods: September, January, and May. 

And when you think about it, May is a great time to embark on further study in the UK. What could be nicer than starting your degree with the summer stretching out ahead of you? 

Plus, there are plenty of practical advantages to opting for a May intake course. Just read on to learn more.

If you’ve missed out on a September start for your UK undergraduate or postgraduate degree this year, don’t worry. Edvoy is here. 

Our comprehensive guide to May intake universities in the UK covers university rankings, location, application procedure and deadlines, and details of the available courses. 

That way, you can make the best choice for you and your future success. 

Why study at a UK university with a May intake?

You might be asking why you should consider enrolling on a May intake course in the UK in 2024. 

After all, it’s a less common choice than starting in the autumn or winter. 

Yet May intake universities provide students with two important advantages.

First, May is a less popular time to start courses than September or January. So, competition at the admission stage is greatly reduced. 

Also, obtaining accommodation, funding and scholarships can be easier too. All because demand is lower in the spring and summer!

Yes, you heard us right. Securing a place at your chosen UK university could well be easier if you opt for the May intake in 2024.

What’s more, your student experience might be better if you choose to start in the springtime. That’s because, often, the study schedule is more flexible for May intake courses. Class sizes tend to be smaller, which can lead to better outcomes

Moreover, by choosing a May intake course, you will have more time to prepare for your examinations. More freedom, more choice, more success. 

What’s not to like? 

“Securing a place at your dream UK university could be easier if you opt for a May intake course in 2024.”

In Edvoy’s opinion, May intake courses are a great way to ensure your university experience meets your specific requirements. 

For more about how Edvoy’s experts can assist you on your journey to studying in the UK in 2024, look no further than our bespoke remote counselling service. 

But do remember that not all UK universities and degree courses offer May intake as an option. 

So, it's crucial to ensure your preferred institution and study programme are available if you want to start studying next spring. Choosing the right intake window will prevent a rushed application, too. 

Below, you will find our guide to the top May intake universities in the UK. And if you need an overview of all the intake windows for joining UK universities in 2023-2024, Edvoy has you covered here.

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Top UK universities offering May intake in 2024

Although not all UK universities offer a May intake, there are a wealth of reputable institutions accepting international students to start studying in spring of 2024.

Below, we’ve collected our pick of the most prestigious UK university destinations with a May intake. 

Naturally, we’ve included details of the subjects on offer and the type of course (undergraduate, taught Masters, Masters/postgraduate by research, PhD). 

What’s more, we’ve included the university’s ranking, where relevant. 

And we’ve also provided information about the universities’ international student communities, plus their location and affordability. Armed with our guide, you can make an informed decision about joining a UK May intake course in 2024. 

May intake universities in the UK: Edvoy’s top picks

1. Coventry University

  • May intake courses (undergraduate and taught Masters) across a variety of subjects: accounting and finance, business, management, biomedical sciences, computer science, civil engineering, arts and humanities, photography, design, international relations, law, and more. 
  • #79 in the QS Europe University Rankings 2024 (Northern Europe).
  • One of the top UK cities for student experience and affordability, according to the Guardian 2020-21 and the QS Rankings 2023.
  • A top destination for international students: HESA’s 2014/15-2018/19 studies placed Coventry University as first in the UK for international students’ experience. 

2. University of Bedfordshire

  • May intake options for BA, BSc, MSc, MBA and LLM courses in fields as diverse as data analytics and project management, sustainability and automotive engineering, international business law and human resources.
  • International ethos: 120 nationalities are represented amongst the university’s staff and student body. 
  • An up and coming university, the University of Bedfordshire has benefitted from massive investment in recent years. This has led to the construction of state-of-the-art facilities.

3. University of Central Lancashire

  • Selection of May intake courses at postgraduate level, chiefly in the field of medicine (midwifery, nursing, medical education, international medical sciences) but also in management (MRes) and business (MProf Elite Performance). 
  • Affordable student destination: UCLAN’s main campus is located in Preston, Lancashire, a popular UK student city. What’s more, Preston is in easy reach of Manchester and Liverpool.
  • A vibrant international student community. The university has academic partnerships across the globe. 
  • First ever UK modern university to feature in the QS World University Rankings (2010), UCLAN is famed for developing cutting edge degrees in fields such as forensic science and fashion.

4. University of Hull

  • May intake research degrees (Masters by research, PhD) across many disciplines. Languages, chemistry, economics, theology, gender studies, marine sciences, social work… The list goes on!
  • A top 20 university in the UK according to Times Higher Education, based on their analysis of the National Student Survey 2023.
  • Exciting surroundings: Kingston-upon-Hull’s location, just inland of the northeast coastline, offers sea views and easy access to the stunning Yorkshire countryside. What’s more, Hull was the UK City of Culture in 2017.
  • Plenty of accommodation available on campus. The university has more than 2300 rooms onsite, with current prices starting at £122/week. 

5. Northumbria University

  • Specialised MSc courses in business, security, technology, logistics, marketing, big data, project management, tourism, AI, and more.
  • Some BSc programmes with a May intake available at the London campus, all in the field of computing. 
  • Awarded UK University of the Year 2022 by Times Higher Education.
  • Choice of cities. Northumbria students benefit from studying in one of two bustling city locations: Newcastle, or the UK capital.
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6. University of Roehampton London

  • Masters-level courses with a professional focus: Roehampton London offers an MBA, with or without a placement, plus a range of MSc courses (financial management, digital marketing, human resources, amongst others). 
  • #1 modern university in London according to the 2022 Times Good University Guide. 
  • Picturesque parkland campus in southwest London, combining countryside idyll with all the attractions of the capital. 

7. University of Kent

  • MA, MSc, MSc (Research) and PhD May intake courses across a range of traditional and modern subject areas: classics, politics, languages, history, journalism, electronics, education, and many others.
  • #39 in the UK, the University of Kent was rated in the top 25% of Higher Education Institutions worldwide (QS World University Rankings 2024). 
  • More than 150 nationalities are represented in the Kent student body, making the university a thriving global hub.

If the above list has whetted your appetite, then it’s time to think about applying to these May intake universities in the UK! Read on for Edvoy’s tips on meeting the application deadlines for your May intake course in 2024. 

What are the deadlines for the May intake in the UK?

Choosing to study in the UK is a huge life decision. 

The May intake might seem a long way away right now. But, it’s helpful to start preparing your application well in advance. After all, international students have certain milestones to meet and deadlines to consider. 

To keep you on track, Envoy has compiled the key dates relevant to applying to May intake universities in the UK. 

Referring back to this timeline will help you meet the necessary deadlines, so you can start your UK university journey in the spring of 2024. 

October 2023

Explore UK universities offering May intake degree courses. 

Edvoy’s list above is a good place to start!

Consider shortlisting based on your specific course and location criteria.

Next, consult the institutions’ websites for tailor-made application timetables relevant to your chosen courses. 

October/November 2023

If you need to take the IELTS, now is the time. 

Don’t panic: Edvoy’s masterclass has everything you need to succeed.

October 2023 - February 2024

This is the main application window for May intake courses (but make sure to check exact dates for your institution and course).

During this time, you should make sure you meet the criteria for eligibility for your chosen course of study. You should prepare and submit all the necessary application documentation for your chosen programme.

And if you’re applying for a research degree, you might consider reaching out to your potential supervisor(s). You may need to refine your proposal based on their response.

As a quick checklist, here are the commonly required documents for the May intake in UK universities:

  • Academic certificates and transcripts (together with certified translations, where relevant)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Research proposal, where relevant
  • Portfolio, where relevant
  • Administrative paperwork

Make sure to check your application thoroughly before submitting it to your chosen university.

If you’re unsure about anything, contact the relevant admissions department. They’ll be happy to clarify as required.

January 2024

Apply for your student visa.

Make sure to submit all documentation promptly, so that your application can be processed in time.

March to May 2024

Plan your finances: pay tuition fees, secure accommodation, and draw up a budget for your living expenses.

Review your visa paperwork to make sure it’s complete.

Finally, make contact with the university’s international student office to ensure you’ve completed all the necessary steps pre-departure.

Once you’ve completed the list above, there’s one final step… Off to the airport!

May intake universities in the UK: your questions answered 

At Edvoy, we thrive on aiding international students in their pursuit of their academic and career goals. 

To help you on your May intake journey, we’ve assembled some FAQs we commonly hear. We hope our answers will assist you in the months ahead. 

Edvoy thrives on aiding international students in their pursuit of their academic and career goals.

Good luck with your application!

May intake: FAQs

Can I apply for May intake at UK universities?

Yes. Lots of UK institutions have degree courses starting in the springtime. For a list of our top picks, just scroll up. And if there’s somewhere we haven’t covered, we would advise checking on the university’s website to be on the safe side.

Which universities in the UK will have a May intake in 2024?

Coventry, UCLAN, Northumbria, Roehampton, Kent, Hull and Bedfordshire have May intakes in 2024. These institutions are described in detail in our guide (above). But, there are others. UK universities such as Dundee or Bangor offering a May intake for specific courses, such as nursing.

What are the benefits of enrolling as part of the May intake?

Starting a UK university in May has many advantages. Places on courses can be less competitive. And, your studies can be delivered more flexibly and with more breathing room for preparing for examinations, for example.

Is starting university in May good for international students?

Definitely. Coming to the UK in May is great for international students. Accommodation can be easier to find, due to reduced demand. What’s more, the weather is bound to be better than if you start in September (let alone January!).

What is the deadline for the May 2024 intake in the UK?
Typically, you’ll want to have your application submitted by February or March to give you sufficient time to plan your arrival. If you need a visa, applying sooner rather than later is always a good idea. But technically speaking, some universities will close applications for the May 2024 intake as late as April 2024.

Which London universities offer a May intake?

Edvoy’s top pick in London is Roehampton, nestled southwest of the city in glorious greenery. Brunel University in London is another great option, offering a selection of May intake postgraduate courses. 

Is a May intake available at Coventry University?

Yes, Coventry University has an extensive range of May intake courses at the undergraduate and taught postgraduate level alike. It’s a favourite destination for students, whether hailing from the UK or further afield. For our full review, just scroll up.

Does the University of Bristol have a May intake?
No. Bristol enrols students in September and February. 

Why the May intake at UK universities is a great choice for international students

In summary, the May intake at UK universities in 2024 presents unique advantages for international students.

While not all universities offer a May intake, those that do provide a wide range of courses and exciting prospects for academic growth.

They’re less competitive, more flexible, and potentially more convenient

What’s more, the sun will be shining when you start your course!

Don't miss your chance to study in the UK this May!

Edvoy is your one-stop shop for all your study abroad needs. From university selections to course requirements, we've got you covered for May 2024 intake in the UK.

Why put off your dreams? Secure your future in the UK today!

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