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Spring intake in Canada 2024: Universities, courses, requirements, and deadlines

By Edvoy• Last updated: Nov 15, 2023
Spring intake in Canada 2024: Universities, courses, requirements, and deadlines
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“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” - Leo Tolstoy. 

Spring may not seem like the ideal time to apply for schools, but it has many perks. Spring is the perfect time to make plans and projects, and what better way to enjoy spring than embarking on an academic journey? This article serves as a complete guide to spring intake in Canada. We will discuss the application timeline, deadline, top universities to apply to, popular courses in spring, the benefits of registering in spring, and some frequently asked questions.

Spring intake in Canada 2024 timeline and deadline

Do you intend to join the Spring intake train? It's essential to know the deadline and timeline for application. Start preparing about a year before the academic session to meet up with the deadlines. Generally, the May intake application starts around September or October of the previous year and January or February of the intake year.

However, this is only a general timeline. Canadian universities' deadlines for spring vary, so you must research the deadline for your desired institution and course. We have prepared an ideal timeline for spring intake in Canada:

TimelineTo-do list
April to June 2023Research universities and courses for Spring intake in Canada
July to September 2023Prepare and appear for standardised tests and English proficiency tests.
September 2023 to January 2024Prepare all required documents and apply to the universities.
January to February 2024Respond to the university's emails and accept admission.
February to April 2024Apply for scholarships and Canadian Visas. Find student accommodation and make financial preparations.
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How to prepare for spring intake in Canada 2024

Applying for May intake 2024 in Canada starts way before the application date. You must prepare all the necessary documents for your application to succeed. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do so: 

Step 1: Research Universities and courses (April - June 2023)

  • Research universities that offer spring intake in Canada. 
  • Shortlist universities per your interest
  • Check the course list and select one. 
  • Check the eligibility criteria for your preferred schools and download the admission brochure.

Step 2: Prepare and appear for standardised tests and English proficiency tests (July - September 2023)

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  • Take all tests between July and September of 2023. Ensure you take them promptly to plan for buffer time if you need to retake the test. 

Step 3: Fill out the institution’s application form (September 2023 - January 2024)

  • Once the application forms are out, head to the website of the institutions you shortlisted among those accepting spring intake in Canada. Fill out the application forms.
  • Check the required documents for application and prepare them before the deadline for submission.
  • Request help from your college professors and teachers for letters of recommendation (LOR).

Step 4: Respond to the institution's emails and accept admission (January - February 2024)

  • After submitting your application and documents, you will receive several emails from the institution you applied to.
  • Ensure you check your emails often and respond promptly. 
  • If your application is accepted, the university will send you a letter of acceptance (LOA).
  • You will pay a non-refundable confirmation deposit after taking the admission. 

Step 5: Prepare your finances and apply for a Canadian student visa (February - April 2024)

  1. Once you confirm your admission, you can apply for student loans, scholarships or other funding options
  2. Search for student accommodation options.
  3. Apply for your student visa, considering the processing time.
  4. Also, apply for an international debit or credit card.

The Spring intake in Canada is the least preferred, so fewer universities provide admissions. Here is a list of ten popular spring intake universities you should consider:

Explore the popular universities in Canada

"What we learn with pleasure we never forget." - Alfred Mercier.

There are only a few courses available for Spring intake in Canada, but this doesn’t mean you should go for just anyone. Ensure that any course you choose is one you are interested in. 

  1. Architecture
  2. Business administration
  3. Agricultural and food science 
  4. Microbiology
  5. Hospitality
  6. Creative arts and media
  7. Marketing and Finance
  8. Interdisciplinary studies
  9. Dentistry 
  10. Engineering 
  11. History
  12. Psychology
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Document checklist for spring intake in Canada 2024

You need to acquire and submit some documents when applying for May intake in Canada. However, there may be additional required documents besides the ones listed here, so check the University's document list before applying. 

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Why apply for Canada Spring Intake 2024?

Deciding whether or not to apply for spring intake in Canada depends on several factors. These factors will determine if it's the right fit for you. Although spring intake is the least preferred by students, it doesn't mean it's a lesser option. The May intake has some perks that may favour you. For example, the May intake in Canada is a great choice when you've skipped the fall and winter intake. Other reasons it may be ideal are: 

  • Course Options: Institutions don’t offer all programs and courses during the spring intake, but some famous and advanced programs are only available during this period. But ensure you check course availability before applying for the May intake program. 
  • Longer Timeline: Being the last batch allows more preparation time for application. The spring intake in Canada may be your best bet if the fall and winter intake timeline seems too short. 
  • Lesser Competition: Lesser students means less competition, so it will be easier to gain admission and access scholarships and financial aid. The smaller class size creates better opportunities to learn better and interact during classes.
  • Job Opportunities: There are fewer openings than in the fall, but spring intakes also have significant job opportunities. The best part is there will be less competition, making it easier to land a job after the spring intake in Canada.
  • Better Weather: If the fall and winter weather don't resonate well with you, you can wait till spring. There's a higher chance of better weather and living conditions in May, especially for international students from warmer climates.

Do you need expert help deciding if the spring intake in Canada is the best option for you? Talk to our Education consultants for more advice.


Joining the spring or May intake in Canada is a great option if you've missed the first two intake seasons for any reason. Not many universities offer spring intake, and few courses are offered in May, unlike during other intakes. So, it's crucial to research the available options before saying yes to spring. Also, ensure you prepare the required documents and apply before the deadline.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is spring intake in Canada?

Spring intake in Canada means the admission window that is opened in May. It is also known as May or summer intake, starting in May and till August. Among the three intakes, it is referred to as the tertiary one because it is the least preferred by students and the least popular. May intake starts after fall intake, and not all universities offer it.

2. Is May intake good for Canada?

Yes, the May intake is good for Canada because it offers short-term courses and increases the chances of local and international students getting into top universities due to less competition. Also, the summer weather makes May a great time to study in Canada.

3. Is May intake available in Canada?

Besides the popular primary fall intake that most universities in Canada offer and the secondary winter intake, Canada also offers spring or May intake. This application window allows those who missed the first two to apply.

4. When to apply for spring intake in Canada?

There's no exact time to apply for spring intake in Canada, as the application timeline depends on the university and, sometimes, the program. However, most university application deadlines fall between October and January. To ensure you don't miss out on the application, constantly check the university's website for updates and always apply before the deadline.

5. What is the acceptance rate for a Canada visa?

The Canadian student visa acceptance rate has always been low; the average acceptance rate was 65% in the past few years. Several factors can lower your chances of acceptance, so it's crucial to know them to improve your acceptance possibility.

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