Sport Management Courses in UK

Sport Management Courses in UK

A Sports Management Degree from a UK university will give you a solid understanding of the management, marketing, finance and law related to businesses within the sports industry. With this degree, students can prepare for a career in professional sports organisations while capitalising on different types of interrelated opportunities. There are many established business professionals who wish to make a successful career transition into the sports industry and therefore choose to study Sports Management in the UK to enhance their career prospects.

A dynamic field of study, Sports Management focuses on the business-related facets of the sporting industry including budgeting, planning, and management of organisations that are involved in sports or other similar physical activities.

Get ready to change your future when you decide to study Sport Management in United Kingdom.

People who have studied abroad said it not only improved their confidence but also gave them a better understanding of their cultural values and taught them worthwhile skills that influenced their future career.

When you decide to study in United Kingdom, you can access universities that rank highly in Sport Management, improving your job prospects. You also get the opportunity to stay back in United Kingdom once you’ve graduated with a post-study work visa. There are plenty of universities on offer. Choose from 56 institutions and 354 courses.

The time is now to study abroad. It’s worth it, we promise.

Prospects after graduation

Currently, the demand for Sports Management professionals is really high. Their skills and expertise are applied across finance, marketing, leadership, facility and event management. 

After graduation, it may be possible to find a job with private, social or government sports entities, college athletic bodies, professional sporting companies, and even amateur sports companies. 

Sports Management Degrees in the UK

Several universities across the UK offer recognised degrees in Sports Management and Sports science, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With high-level facilities and world-class infrastructure, the UK is one of the most popular destinations for international students to study Sports Management. The degree programmes offer training to students on the theoretical as well as practical aspects of Sports Sciences. There are interesting specialisations available such as golf management, sports marketing, sports facility management and much more. 

Top 10 Best universities for sports management degree UK

Some of the best universities in the UK for sports management degrees are:

Sport Management fees in United Kingdom

Tution fees will make up a large chunk of your costs. These will vary depending on which university you decide to study at, so do make sure you check with the institution.

There are also plenty of options to help cover the costs, such as scholarships. These can cover some or all tuition fees and other living expenses.

In general, you can expect tuition fees to range from:

  • Minimum fees in Sport Management in United Kingdom - £5,000
  • Maximum fees Sport Management in United Kingdom - £29,000

Student’s visa cost for studying Sport Management in United Kingdom

You need a student visa to study in United Kingdom. Please see the table below for how much you will need to pay for the application and other potential costs.

UK student visa (outside UK)GBP £363

Studying Sport Management in United Kingdom eligibility criteria

When applying to study abroad in any country, the documents you need tend to be pretty similar.

Some will vary depending on the institution, but we’ve outlined below the core documents you’ll need to make your application.

  • Academic transcripts
  • Application form
  • CV
  • Letter of recommendation
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Statement of purpose
  • Admissions test results

Post-study work permit after completing Sport Management qualification in United Kingdom

You’ll be pleased to know that once you’ve completed Sport Management qualification in United Kingdom you’ll be eligible to stay back and see work!

This is an excellent opportunity to put your degree to good use and begin your career. See the table below for how long you get to stay:

CountryName of post-study work visaLength of time to stay in country
UKGraduate visa2 years
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Top Sport Management Courses in the UK

You don’t have to stop at Sport Management courses in United Kingdom, you can narrow down the focus of this subject even further into particular specialisations. If you are interested in a certain topic, refer to the list below - you might see something jump out!



  • Institutions offering the courses
    Institutions offering the courses
  • Count of courses
    Count of courses
  • Count of UG courses
    Count of UG courses
  • Count of PG courses
    Count of PG courses
  • Count of Doctorate courses
    Count of Doctorate courses
  • Fee range (min-max)
    Fee range (min-max)
    £5,000 - £29,000

Countries with Sport Management courses