GRE Subject Test 2024

Updated on: Feb 22, 2024

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standard entrance assessment that analyses the academic and practical skills of international students who plan to pursue their postgraduate education in educational institutions abroad. 

The GRE exam focuses on analysing the students’ ability in analytical writing, critical and abstract thinking, and problem-solving skills. Several universities accept the GRE Subject test for admission in countries across the world. It is important to note that some universities have made these scores optional, so you can check your desired university’s requirements before applying for the exam. Here’s everything you need to know about the GRE Subject test.

GRE Subject test: An overview

GRE full formGraduate Record Examination
GRE General test total score990
GRE exam duration2 hours 50 minutes
No. of questionsVaries with every subject
Disciplines of study in GRE Subject testPhysics, Chemistry, Maths, Psychology
GRE Subject test registrationTests are available three times a year in April, September, and October

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GRE Subject test: Eligibility and registration

Before you apply for the assessment, make sure you satisfy the eligibility criteria and proceed with the GRE Subject test registration.

GRE Subject test eligibility criteria

  • Students with any undergraduate degree, as the test is for those who plan to pursue their postgraduate studies abroad.
  • There is no specific age limit for the GRE Subject test.
  • It is important to check if GRE has a test centre near your locality, as the home testing option is available only in certain areas.

ID requirements for GRE Subject test

  • The ID must be an original, government-issued one.
  • You are required to bring your physical ID. An electronic version or photocopy is not acceptable.
  • The ID should have your first and last name, as mentioned during registration. It should also have a recognisable photo and signature.

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GRE Subject test pattern 2024

Total no. of sections: Varies with every subject
Total duration: 2 hours 50 minutes

The GRE Subject test pattern differs with each field of study, but the duration, 2 hours 50 minutes, remains the same. The test pattern’s main focus is on the particular subject you choose and measures your knowledge of the discipline of study. The GRE Subject test has the following fields of study.

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology

GRE Subject test pattern 2024

Field of studyNo. of questionsDuration
Physics1002 hours 50 minutes
Chemistry1302 hours 50 minutes
Mathematics662 hours 50 minutes
Psychology2052 hours 50 minutes

GRE Subject test syllabus 2024

As mentioned earlier, the GRE Subject test syllabus is based on the subject you opt for the assessment. The syllabus focuses on the subject and determines your knowledge and skills on the same.

GRE Subject test syllabus 2024

Field of studyQuestion formatSubject areas covered in test
PhysicsMultiple choice questionsClassical mechanics: 20%
Electromagnetism: 18%
Optics and wave phenomena: 9%
Thermodynamics: 10%
Quantum mechanics: 12%
Atomic physics: 10%
Special relativity: 6%
Laboratory methods: 6%
Specialised topics: 9%
ChemistryMultiple choice questionsAnalytical chemistry: 15%
Organic chemistry: 30%
Inorganic chemistry: 25%
Physical chemistry: 30%
MathematicsMultiple choice questionsAlgebra: 25%
Calculus: 50%
Other topics: 25%
PsychologyMultiple choice questionsBiological: 17-21%
Developmental: 12-14%
Clinical: 15-19%
Social: 12-14%
Cognitive: 17-24%
Measurement or methodology or other: 15-19%

GRE score percentiles for Subject test

GRE percentiles refer to the percentage of candidates who scored below you on the exam. It is the standard metric used to evaluate candidates and proceed with their applications to educational institutions. A high percentile score can improve your chances of admission.

Scaled ScoreGRE chemistry percentilesGRE math percentilesGRE physics percentilesGRE psychology percentiles
600 24362836

Pro tips for the GRE Subject test

The GRE Subject test is considered a challenging exam, but with regular practice and planning, you can ace the exam in no time! Here’s how to fully prepare for GRE and get a high score.

  • Understand the test’s pattern, syllabus, types of questions, and format. This will help you stay prepared for the exam.
  • Create a study plan and set your goals for preparation. This will streamline your study process and reduce your anxiety ahead of the exams.
  • Make use of GRE study materials and online practice tests to prepare well for the exam. These resources can help you better understand the pattern and syllabus. Understanding these major components of the exam will contribute to better performance during the exam.

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Frequently asked questions

What subjects are tested on the GRE?

The GRE Subject tests have four disciplines of study: Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology.

Is GRE Subject Test available in India?

Yes, the GRE Subject test is available in India.

Is GRE compulsory for MS in the USA?

The GRE exam results have become optional in some educational institutions in the USA in recent years. Make sure to check the university’s eligibility requirements before applying for the exam.

What is the minimum GRE score for the USA?

A GRE 75th percentile score is considered the minimum grade for educational institutions in the USA.

What are the GRE English Subject test dates?

The GRE English Subject tests are available three times a year in April, September, and October.