Why don't all college students in the US take STEM majors? 

Updated on: Aug 7, 2023

Not all college students in the US take STEM majors because not everyone has an interest or aptitude for those fields. Additionally, some students may be more interested in pursuing majors in the humanities, social sciences, or arts.

Furthermore, the choice of major may also be influenced by various factors, such as personal passion, career goals, job market trends, and family background. Some students may choose a major that aligns with their career aspirations or provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge for their desired profession.

Moreover, the rigor and difficulty of STEM majors can be a factor for some students, who may find them challenging or overwhelming. These students may opt for majors that better suit their strengths and abilities, or that offer a more balanced workload.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue a particular major depends on a multitude of factors and individual circumstances. While STEM majors are valuable and in-demand, they may not be the best fit for everyone.

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