10 Computer Science Masters to study in Ireland

Sean Campbell
Sean Campbell
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10 Computer Science Masters to study in Ireland

Ireland is home to a number of celebrated universities, as well some of the world’s largest tech corporations. Google, Facebook, Apple, IBM, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and many others all operate out of the country, so it’s a fantastic idea to study an MS in computer science in Ireland. 

This, coupled with the fact that international students can apply for work permits once graduated, means that you stand a great chance of finding a great career after gaining your Master in Computer Science. 

And the salary for computer science masters degree holders is pretty great too. In the UK, you can earn an average annual income of around £41,500. While starting salaries tend to begin at around £25,000 per year (an average graduate wage), they can also top out at more than £70,000 per year, which is well above double the average UK salary of £30,000! 

We’ve written plenty before about why you should study in Ireland, as well as why Dublin is a great city to study in.

But here, let’s look at some of the very best Computer Science Masters you can study in Ireland.

10 Masters in computer science in Ireland for international students

S NoUniversitiesCourses
1University College DublinMSc Computer Science
2University College DublinMSc Computer Science (Conversion)
3University College DublinMSc Data and Computational Science
4Trinity College DublinMSc Computer Science - Data Science
5Trinity College DublinMSc Computer Science - Intelligent Systems
6Trinity College DublinMSc High Performance Computing
7Maynooth University of IrelandMSc Computer Science in Software Engineering
8Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, IrelandMaster of Science Computing (Enterprise Software Systems)
9University College CorkMS Computing Science
10University of LimerickMaster of Software Engineering

1. MSc Computer Science, University College Dublin

The first of three offerings by UCD, one of the top universities in Ireland for MS in computer science. This course is super flexible and geared to Computer Science graduates. It allows students to choose from over 100 modules, enabling them to tailor their own learning to their interests and career prospects. It’s a great all-round, but in-depth Computer Science Masters degree, with graduates finding jobs across a range of fields from hardware and software design and engineering, to security, to data programming and CEO positions.

2. MSc Computer Science (Conversion), University College Dublin

Unlike the above entry, this MSc is geared towards graduates who do not hold a degree in Computer Science or a related field. Hence, it’s a “conversion” course, which enables students to first learn the fundamental skills needed for a career in IT, and then delve deeper into more specialised, advanced modules. By the end of this MSc, students will be equipped to dive into careers as software engineers, programmers, developers, analysts, and technical consultants. On top of the career oriented course content, graduates with exceptional performance are also eligible to continue their studies by pursuing a research degree in a Computer Science field. 

3. MSc Data and Computational Science, University College Dublin

This course is designed for students from highly quantitative disciplines who wish to work in data analytics or computational science. The primary focus of this MSc is to enable students to effectively analyse large data sets to figure out complex problems using a variety of methods, from mathematical modelling to statistical inference. While the core modules focus on topics like simulation modelling, analysis, and data programming, the optional modules allow students to focus on specialist areas such as cryptography, weather and climate, and financial mathematics.

4. MSc Computer Science - Data Science, Trinity College Dublin

And now it’s onto Ireland’s oldest and most famous university - Trinity College Dublin. This MSc allows students to specialise in Computing through the prism of Data Science, and is taught by renowned leaders in their own fields. Students begin this course by developing their skills in research methods (which will be handy come dissertation time), before moving onto studying innovation and machine learning. 

Come the second semester, these learned techniques will be used to begin work on a dissertation, while also diving deeper into the specific field of data science. Also known as “Big Data”, it’s a strand of research that’s grown exponentially of late, so much so that data is now seen as one of the world’s most valuable commodities.

5. MSc Computer Science - Intelligent Systems, Trinity College Dublin

Just like the above Computer Science Masters at Trinity College, students focus initially on research methods and core concepts of Computer Science in general. Then, rather than moving into Data Science, learners begin exploring Intelligent Systems - interactive web applications and systems that now feature heavily in our lives. Along the way, students gain expertise in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, language understanding, data analytics and knowledge engineering.

6. MSc High Performance Computing, Trinity College Dublin

This is a fascinating, highly practical MSc that’s actually provided by the Trinity College School of Mathematics! This course revolves mostly around practical training, rather than theoretical learning, in the high performance computing technology sector.

It’s a sector that’s spreading rapidly in the present day, and is applied in areas like chemistry and biochemistry, engineering and finance, and optimisation and data mining. The content of the course covers a diverse range of topics including computer architecture, software optimisation, parallel programming, classical simulation and stochastic modelling. 

7. MSc Computer Science in Software Engineering, Maynooth University of Ireland

As the name suggests, this course at Maynooth University focuses specifically on software engineering -- a complex and lucrative field of work. It’s geared towards students who have already gained an undergraduate degree in software engineering or a related subject.

It covers the basic principles of software engineering, before delving into more specialised strands such as cryptography, databases, the mathematics of computer science, and internet solutions engineering. The simple aim of this in-depth all round course is to empower graduates to take on major professional projects across a number of industries. 

8. Master of Science Computing (Enterprise Software Systems), Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, Ireland

This MSc programme is targeted at both working IT professionals, who can do it on a part -time basis for two years, or for graduates who wish to continue full-time study for one year. The aim of this 6-module (plus dissertation) course at Waterford IT is to build skills in business systems analysis and enterprise software development.

In essence, it’s all about enabling students to solve complex problems in professional enterprise environments, strategise and manage the development of software products, and conduct research that can help enhance performance. 

9. MS Computing Science, University College Cork

A fantastically practical, career based MSc which develops skills and understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation - the gifts that will help and Computer Science expert get ahead in their working life. As well as covering an expansive number of core modules in topics like database technology, project development, and complex systems development, there’s also a great module on case studies in computing entrepreneurship.

10. Master of Software Engineering, University of Limerick

Last, but certainly not least, in the University of Limerick in the west of Ireland. This MSc is designed to enable students to develop large, complex software systems. On top of this, students are able to specialise in topics such as data analytics and data extraction, and machine learning. 

One of the main course aims is quite simply to meet the substantial industry needs for skilled graduates who can apply up to date research in the fields of software engineering and data analytics. Put simply, it’s designed to help graduates go far in their careers!

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