MBA in Canada 2023 for Indian Students

Haripriya Sivasubramaniam
Haripriya Sivasubramaniam
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MBA in Canada 2023 for Indian Students

According to a recent survey conducted for Indian study abroad aspirants, pursuing MBA abroad topped the list and guess which destination they preferred?! Yeah, Canada! So to get things done and plan your educational trip to this beautiful destination, here’s everything you need to know about studying MBA in Canada for Indian students like you!

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Why is pursuing an MBA in Canada consistently a top choice?

With an eye-catching landscape, top-class universities and solid inclusivity of diverse cultures and people, Canada is a beautiful country for you to settle and pursue the education and career of your dreams. But while focussing specifically on the higher education sector, you should consider studying MBA in Canada. Here is why!

  • It is the home of 11 universities with top MBA programs that made it to the world’s top 20.
  • It is a proud country to have its six business schools make it to the list of QS world rankings.
  • The country offers flexible immigration plans and visa sanctions to make the students feel welcome and get them settled.

Top-ranked Canadian Universities to pursue Business studies

UniversityLocationAnnual tuition fee
Rotman (Toronto)Toronto$58,160
Smith (Queen’s)Kingston$27,513
Ivey (Western)London (Ontario)$24,851
Desautels (McGill)Montreal$56,544
Schulich (York)Toronto$26,730
Sauder (UBC)Vancouver$90,057
Alberta School of BusinessEdmonton$28,281
John Molson (Concordia)Montreal$41,300
HEC Montreal$72,500
Rowe (Dalhousie)Halifax$34,498

Mandatory requirements to apply for MBA in Canada

You will apply for the university intake windows to set your foot in a reputed Canadian University and pursue your business studies. Make sure beforehand that you checklist all the mandatory requirements for applying. So here is the list of what the Canadian business schools have stated as essential requirements to apply by Indian students who wish to pursue an MBA there.

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution. The final cumulative score should be 60% or above.
  • A work experience certificate if you have one because the Canadian management studies curriculum offers a top-notch work-study integrated program. Thus, they have an edge for people showcasing skills gained from work or internship experiences.
  • TOEFL or IELTS score- TOEFL: 90+ and IELTS: 6.5-7.0
  • GMAT score (mandatory)- 550
  • List of academic certificates and transcripts
  • Bank statements
  • LOR (2-3)
  • SOP 
  • MBA essays (if asked by the Universities)
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Photographs
  • Visa

How to apply and avail of a slot in Canadian University intakes

  • Intake sessions: Most business schools in Canada offer September (fall) and January (winter) intakes. So you’ll be applying to these intakes 3-4 months prior.
  • Taking GMAT exams: Make sure you complete the GMAT test and score at least 550. This will open the gates for availing scholarships to complete the course.
  • Applying for Visa: Canada has the most flexible policies to apply for and get your visa and immigration status as an Indian student. So, you can start preparing for the visa interview simultaneously while applying to the business schools of your choice.

Lucrative job opportunities for MBA graduates

Out of all the professional degrees, Management and Business Administration studies offer the broadest range of job prospects with great salary packages. So, here are the top lucrative job offers that you can take up as an MBA graduate from Canada.

Another interesting point: Canada is also the pioneer with 150,000+ job opportunities in this field!

Manager: Sales and Marketing

  • Average annual salary: 359,160 CAD
  • Job growth: 10%

As a marketing and sales manager, your prime responsibilities include curating unique sales plans, ad plans, creative ads, strategising emails and promotional literature. Additionally, you’ll work to integrate performance data that meets the marketing ad sales target.

Human Resources Coordinator

  • Average annual salary: 350,400 CAD
  • Job growth: 7%

Your job gets an attractive edge when you become a Human Resources manager. All you need to do is analyse training needs, develop a training curriculum, delivering training courses to the onboarded employees. You’ll also administer various employee empowerment schemes and execute the plans.

Administrative Manager

  • Average annual salary: 376,680 CAD 
  • Job growth: 9%

This job opportunity is the highest paid of all! So, if you are an administrative manager, your base role includes coordinating and streamlining procedures and systems and devising ways to operate the processes. You’ll also be recruiting and training the personnel to get them settled in the office space.

Senior HR Manager

  • Average annual salary: 105,560 CAD 
  • Job growth: 9%

Your job role as a senior HR manager includes setting targets and goals to coordinate the work of the HR team. Devising and sanctioning employee benefit plans is also your umbrella.

So here's a quick look at the salary details and job prospects growth on the whole:

Job roleAverage annual salaryJob growth
Manager: Sales and Marketing359,160 CAD10%
Human Resources Coordinator350,400 CAD7%
Administrative Manager376,680 CAD9%
Senior HR Manager105,560 CAD9%

Cost of living in Canada for Indian students

Canada offers a high quality of life to its citizens, workforce and students. So, if you plan to do an MBA in Canada, settling and acclimatising to the Canadian environment will be a cakewalk! The Canadian people are one of the happiest and the most welcoming. So, it will give you the time and space for settling down and planning your expenditures while you are there. Here are a few to note;

General ExpensesCost
Share of flat rents724
Local transportation90
Share of Utilities55
Internet subscription79

Also, as an International student, you can avail your Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) to continue studying and working in Canada!!


Which University is the best for MBA in Canada?         
A: Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is the top business school to pursue your MBA in Canada.

Can you do an MBA in Canada without any work experience?         
A: Most Canadian Universities prefer the applicants to have 2-3 years of work experience. But you can study MBA without one!

Is it easy to get a job in Canada after completing your MBA?         
A: Yes. Canada has an excellent work-study system, and one can avail of a work permit visa more quickly than in any other country!

So what are you waiting for? Get started with edvoy RIGHT NOW and apply to the Canadian University of your choice!

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