Top 10 reasons to study in the UK

By Amelia Carruthers• Last updated: Oct 31, 2023
Top 10 reasons to study in the UK
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Did you know that in 2019/20 the UK welcomed over 538,000 students to study at university? Of these, 142,000 were from the European Union and more than 395,000 were from non-EU countries. 

There are so many reasons to choose the UK for studies. With world-class universities, excellent value for money and a whole host of vibrant cities and cultural institutions – there really is something for everyone.

With an academic reputation that dates back to the 11th century (yes, that’s right – teaching at Oxford began in 1096!), it’s not hard to see why the UK is one of the most popular study destinations. 

If you need any more persuading, here are our top 10 reasons to study in the UK

1. World-renowned universities

The UK is home to the world’s best universities. It enjoys a global reputation for first-class institutions that foster a creative and academically challenging environment. All this means a degree from a UK university will look fantastic on your CV.

Indeed, 16% of the world’s top 100 universities (according to QS World University Rankings) are in the UK. For such a small island, that’s seriously impressive…

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Looking to study in UK?
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2. The highest standards of teaching

So, why study in the UK? If world-leading institutions (with world-class academics!) aren’t enough – you also have peace of mind that teaching standards will always be of the highest level.

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) regularly inspects UK universities. They’re also rated by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and Research Excellence Framework (REF). All of this information is publicly available on university league tables, so you can apply with confidence.

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3. Incredible choice of academic courses

The UK boasts more than 395 individual universities and colleges – offering over 50,000 under-graduate level courses. With such a massive array of options, whether you’re interested in politics, philosophy, physics or photography, there’s something for everyone. 

If you’re not entirely sure which subject you want to focus on, you can even combine subjects to study joint or triple-honours degrees.

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4. A welcoming multicultural community

One of the most important reasons for applying to a UK university is the exceptionally diverse and welcoming community you’ll become a part of.

The UK is famed for its multiculturalism. Living in the UK, you’ll mix with people from all over the world from many different cultural backgrounds. No matter where you study, it’s an incredibly friendly and tolerant place that celebrates the rich and diverse cultures of its shores.

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Looking to study in UK?
Explore top universities and get free expert guidance with Edvoy

5. Fantastic work opportunities

International students are allowed to work part-time jobs as part of their UK student visa – as long as they aren’t relying on this income to fund their studies. 

UK universities frequently partner with leading employers to offer work placements and internships. Work experience is a fantastic way to enhance your future employability and practice your language skills.

When you do move on, the UK’s reputation for academic excellence will also enhance your long-term career prospects – it’s a win, win all round.

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6. A focus on student wellbeing

Of all the reasons to study in the UK, the country’s focus on student mental health and wellbeing is often overlooked. But we don’t think this should be the case! 

Most first-year students live in university halls of residence, which helps students make friends and settle quickly. UK universities take pride in their pastoral care and sports clubs, as well as student mental health support services.

As part of your student visa, you’re invited to pay a healthcare surcharge for NHS services. This is usually around £450 a year, but means you have unrestricted access to the UK’s world-leading health service.

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7. Shorter courses and lower costs

Undergraduate degrees in the UK usually take three years, and master’s degrees commonly take just one year. This differs from countries such as the USA, where undergraduate degrees take at least four years, with master’s degrees lasting two years. Tuition fees are also lower than in America and Australia (starting at £10,000 compared to £13,000 or more!).

This means you’ll graduate sooner and save money on annual course fees, accommodation and living expenses. A great reason to study in the UK if ever there was one.

There are also several scholarships and bursaries available for international students, which can further help with costs.

8. A simple visa application process

The UK offers a straightforward and fair visa application process. UK student visa processing usually takes up to three weeks and costs £348 – which is also relatively speedy and inexpensive!

We’ve already written your ultimate step-by-step guide to apply for a UK student visa as well as tips for preparing (and passing) your credibility interview. So if you’re set on studying in the UK, make sure to check these out.

9. The UK’s unique landscape and history

The UK has a rich and fascinating history. It’s filled with charming villages, awe-inspiring castles, rugged beaches, rolling countryside and forests to get lost in.

It’s also home to some of the world’s leading museums and art galleries. If English Literature is your thing, William Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon or the British Library are a must-visit. STEM degree? What about London’s Science Museum?

No matter which university town you choose, you’re sure to find a vibrant mix of restaurants, nightlife, and independent shops. So, whether it’s history or the high-life you’re after – the UK is a smart choice!

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10. Practice your English language skills

If you’re still asking why study in the UK – how about an unrivalled opportunity to practice your skills in the “language of the world”!?

English is one of the most widely used languages on the planet. Speaking English as a second language undoubtedly enhances your career prospects, as it’s a key skill sought by employers.

So, what better way to brush up on your English skills than the UK itself?

There are so many fantastic reasons to choose the UK for studies, from world renowned universities to welcoming communities and a rich, vibrant history. We haven’t even mentioned the fact it’s less than two hours from mainland Europe via plane or train – so you can explore more countries and cultures whilst you're there!

Now you’ve read our top 10 reasons to study in the UK, take a look at our fantastic Edvoy UK partners. With over 38,000 courses on offer, you’re sure to find an institution and academic studies that are perfect for you.

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