The top MBA Colleges in New Zealand that will skyrocket your career

By Sean Campbell• Last updated: Oct 31, 2023
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If you’ve read any of the Edvoy team’s thoughts before, you’ll probably know that we’re pretty big on the value of an MBA. It’s one of the highest paying Master’s degrees, as proven by the sheer number of Fortune 500 CEOs with an MBA.

You’ll also know that we’re pretty in love with New Zealand as a destination for international students. So it makes total sense that we’d highly recommend studying an MBA in New Zealand!

We’ve gone into some detail on the top reasons to study in New Zealand before, but it’s worth remembering that one of the bonuses is that while the standard of education is world class, the college fees are lower than many other popular study abroad destinations. This same sentiment applies to the college fees for an MBA in New Zealand.

So let’s explore your options! Here we take a look at five of the best colleges to study an MBA in New Zealand.

1. Victoria University of Wellington

The Executive MBA course at Victoria University of Wellington stands out as one of the best colleges to study an MBA in New Zealand due to its “triple crown” of international business education accreditations from AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. There are only around 100 business schools worldwide with such a status, and most are located in Europe.

Aside from the prestige of the Executive MBA which is sure to boost your career prospects, Wellington is considered to be one of the most liveable cities in the whole word. It’s also one of the happiest and the safest! For the record, we’ve written an entire international student handbook to Wellington.

Confused about universities?
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2. University of Waikato

The University of Waikato has a fantastic reputation for post-grad employment, as well as its innovative modern facilities, and a high proportion of international students. Like the University of Wellington, it also has “triple-crown” accreditation.

The MBA program is an interesting one as it’s structured around three inter-disciplinary areas of value creation, frameworks and leadership. As well as this, the MBA hosts an annual week long international study tour, where international guest speakers and industry experts come to enlighten students on applying their learned knowledge in the real working world.

One thing we really like about the MBA here is the small class sizes, which allow for more intimate learning and connection with lecturers and fellow students.

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3. University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s highest ranked university and is in the global top 100. The MBA program is highly respected but is also considered to come with plenty of hard work.

However, the Career Development and Employability Services are accessible to all MBA students, as is the Business School ASB Careers Centre, which both allow students to join workshops to supplement their studies with applicable learning. The ASB Careers Center also allows students to connect with local employers to build real knowledge of the business environment.

On top of this, the final quarter of the MBA brings with it the chance to work as an advisor to either domestic or international business. The thing that stands out the most about the Auckland MBA is the diversity of the course, with almost 40% of students being female.

4. The University of Otago

According to the QS MBA ranking 2021, the MBA program at the University of Otago in Dunedin is the best of its kind in New Zealand. This is due in large part to the happiness of students, who enjoy the lower cost of living in Dunedin, as well as the area's natural beauty, and the campus itself, which was voted one of the top 15 most beautiful in the world.

However the approach of the MBA course also appeals greatly to students, with its practical focus on case studies, live cases and professional consulting engagements.

The career prospects after graduation seem pretty great, with the university claiming that within 3 months of graduation, a significant portion of alumni secure a six-figure salary!

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5. Massey University

The thing that makes Massey one of the Top MBA colleges in New Zealand is the fact that it’s the only NZ-based MBA to offer specialisations in Digital Transformation, Business Sustainability and International Marketing. This of course means that if you know what specific route you want to go down with your MBA, Massey may be the place for you.

Much of the focus of this MBA program is on strategic skills, problem analysis and solving, technology and cultural competencies.

However like all the best MBA colleges, there’s a strong onus on practical assignments and placements. Massey is no different in this regard, offering a workplace-integrated experience either in New Zealand or with a New Zealand-affiliated international company.

If you’re thinking about studying an MBA, you’ll want to know how to ace your application! We’ve written a handy guide with 5 tips for writing your MBA Statement of Purpose.

You’ll probably also want to know all about English language requirements for studying in New Zealand, right? The good news is you don’t need IELTS! Here’s how to study in New Zealand without IELTS.

So, ready to find your perfect university and MBA program? Click here to get started with Edvoy, or follow the button below!

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