Why Indian students choose to study in Ireland?

Updated on: Jan 2, 2024
Why Indian students choose to study in Ireland?
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Ireland is a popular destination for students from all over the world, and India is no exception. 

Thousands of Indian students choose to study in Ireland every year, and there are many reasons why education in Ireland for Indian students is a popular choice.

In this article, we will discuss the main reasons to study in Ireland for Indian students.

Why study in Ireland for Indian students?

Ireland is indeed a favourable destination for Indian students, offering high-quality education in English, post-study work opportunities, a growing job market, a welcoming and safe environment, scholarships, and access to the European Union. 

The country's picturesque landscapes and rich cultural experiences further enhance the appeal of studying in Ireland, making it a well-rounded choice for Indian students seeking international education and career opportunities.

Ireland's blend of academic excellence and cultural richness makes it an appealing choice for Indian students.

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Benefits of studying in Ireland for Indian students

Ireland is an increasingly popular choice among Indian students pursuing higher education abroad. It offers several advantages, including excellent quality of education, world-renowned universities and colleges, a vibrant culture, and a safe learning environment. 

The top 13 benefits of studying in Ireland for Indian students are:

1. Quality institutions

One of the top reasons why study in Ireland for Indian students is popular is its quality institutions. Ireland boasts some of the most highly-ranked universities and colleges in Europe and around the world. For example,

The above institutions are highly rated, with many courses accredited by leading professional bodies such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. These universities offer a wide range of degree programs tailored to meet each student's individual needs.

Additionally, these institutions provide excellent teaching standards and ample opportunities for research and practical experience through internships or placements. This makes Irish educational institutions an ideal choice for those looking to gain high-quality international qualifications.

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2. Wide range of learning options

For many Indian students, Ireland is a great country to study in due to its wide range of learning options. From international universities with courses tailored to international student's needs to world-class colleges offering more traditional programs such as engineering and business, Ireland has something for everyone. 

The country also offers specialised higher education programs in areas like health care, IT, and hospitality, which Indian students highly sought after. Additionally, there are ample opportunities for research and internships in Irish institutions that allow Indian students to gain valuable work experience.

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3. Low cost of living

Compared to other popular destinations for Indian students, such as the UK or the US, Ireland is a much more affordable place to live and study. The cost of rent, food, transportation, and other necessities are much lower than what is found in larger cities such as London or New York. This makes it easier to focus on studying without worrying about an excessive budget. 

Additionally, Ireland has some of the most competitive tuition fees across all programs, making it an excellent option for those looking to save money while getting a world-class education. With affordable accommodations, groceries, and transport options available throughout the country, it's no wonder why students from India choose to make Ireland their new home when pursuing higher education abroad.

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4. Cultural diversity

Ireland is a country that is renowned for its cultural diversity. This makes it an attractive destination for international students, particularly those from India looking to experience a unique blend of cultures in the same place.

Education in Ireland for Indian students provides exposure to different ideas, religions, and beliefs, which can help them gain insight into other people’s perspectives and cultivate their understanding of the world around them. Irish universities also offer courses specifically tailored to Indian students so they can pursue higher education without significantly changing their lifestyle or culture.

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5. Quality of life

Ireland is a great place to study not just because of its excellent education system but also because it offers an unbeatable quality of life. With vibrant cities, stunning countryside, and plenty of things to do and explore, Irish students can experience everything this beautiful country has to offer while they are studying here.

Ireland has a vibrant cultural scene with music, theatre, and art festivals throughout the year that attracts people worldwide. This makes it an ideal destination for those who want to experience different cultures while studying abroad. 

Dublin’s excellent public transport system provides easy access to city centre attractions and rural countryside beauty spots.

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6. Strong job prospects

Ireland's competitive economy offers excellent opportunities for graduates from all over the world. Its open-door policy towards international students has made numerous jobs available for educated individuals with knowledge in IT, finance, pharmaceuticals, and education. 

In addition, international students can take advantage of internships, part-time jobs, and other professional opportunities to develop their skill sets and gain valuable work experience in their chosen fields.

7 Access to financial aid

With the Irish government offering several scholarship and grant opportunities, it has never been easier for Indian students to access funding for their studies. The government offers scholarships such as Trinity Access Programme (TAP), Access Bursary Scheme, and Access Student Support Fund to help make education more accessible for Indian students. 

Some universities also offer special financial aid packages specifically designed for international students. This makes pursuing higher education in Ireland a realistic goal even for those from lower-income backgrounds. Furthermore, many scholarships cover tuition fees and living expenses, removing some pressure associated with financing college studies abroad.

8. A safe place to study

Ireland is seen as a safe place to study due to its low crime rates and friendly nationwide culture. With its cosmopolitan cities like Dublin, Cork, and Galway, student life in Ireland offers an exciting mix of different cultures and backgrounds that will make any international student feel right at home. The country also offers numerous support services designed to help international students feel at home and make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Additionally, Irish universities have implemented comprehensive safety measures on their campuses, including closed-circuit television cameras, secure fencing, and regular patrols by campus security staff. All these features help create a truly safe learning environment for Indian students studying in Ireland.

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9. English speaking country

Ireland is an English-speaking country, making it an ideal destination for Indian students to pursue higher education. English is the primary language spoken and taught at universities throughout the country. This helps eliminate any communication barriers for Indian students.

Irish universities also provide English-speaking student support services for international students, which helps them to adjust and make the most of their experiences.

10. Visa policies

One of the most appealing aspects of Ireland for Indian students is the country's attractive visa policies. Students from India can apply for a visa to stay and study within the country for up to three years. This allows them to focus entirely on their studies, enjoy Irish culture and explore the country during their stay.

Furthermore, once the studies are completed, Indian students may be able to extend their stay and gain valuable work experience. Visa regulations also allow spouses and dependents to accompany the student during their stay, making it easier for families who want to study abroad together.

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11. Shorter duration of programs

In Ireland, undergraduate programs are typically three years, as opposed to the four-year programs in many other countries, including the United States and Canada. Shorter programs mean lower tuition fees and living expenses, allowing students to save time and money while receiving a quality education.

Graduating in three years allows Indian students to enter the job market sooner than in countries with longer undergraduate programs. This can particularly appeal to those eager to start their careers or gain practical experience.

12. EU membership

Ireland's European Union (EU) membership holds significant advantages for Indian students. As EU members, Irish universities often offer reduced tuition fees for EU citizens. While this benefit may not apply directly to Indian students, it contributes to a more diverse and inclusive student body, enriching the educational experience.

Indian students studying in Ireland can take advantage of Ireland's EU membership by exploring job opportunities not only in Ireland but also in other EU countries. This access broadens their career prospects and offers a range of international experiences.

13. Beautiful landscapes

Ireland is often referred to as the "Emerald Isle" due to its lush green countryside. Indian students can explore ancient castles, monastic ruins, and archaeological wonders that dot the Irish landscape, providing insights into the country's rich history and culture. 

The stunning landscapes offer ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and water sports, allowing Indian students to stay active and explore their natural surroundings.

Ireland provides a comprehensive and attractive package for Indian students, with its top-quality institutions, wide range of learning options, lower cost of living, cultural diversity, and exceptional quality of life.

Top universities in Ireland

Irish universities have garnered international recognition for their high education standards, cutting-edge research, and commitment to fostering innovation. 

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The best universities in Ireland, according to the QS rankings 2024, are:

UniversityQS Ranking
Trinity College Dublin81
University College Dublin171
University of Galway289
University College Cork292
University of Limerick426
Dublin City University436

Ireland offers a diverse array of high-quality academic programs to Indian students across various disciplines.

Here is a comprehensive list of popular courses in Ireland for Indian students, along with the universities that offer these programs.

Popular CoursesUniversities
Business and ManagementUniversity College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, University College Cork
Information TechnologyNational University of Ireland - Galway, University of Limerick, Dublin Institute of Technology, University College Dublin
Healthcare and MedicineUniversity College Dublin, University College Cork, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin
EngineeringNational University of Ireland - Galway, University College Dublin, University of Limerick, Dublin City University
Data Analytics and Big DataNational University of Ireland - Galway, Dublin City University, University College Dublin, University College Cork
Finance and AccountingUniversity College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, University College Cork
Biotechnology and Life SciencesTrinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland - Galway, University College Cork
Environmental Science and SustainabilityUniversity College Dublin, National University of Ireland - Galway, University College Cork, Dublin City University
Arts and HumanitiesTrinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland - Galway, University of Limerick
Tourism and HospitalityDublin Institute of Technology, Shannon College of Hotel Management, Galway, Cork Institute of Technology
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What do you need to study in Ireland from India?

To study in Ireland, international students, including those from India, must meet certain requirements and follow specific steps to ensure a smooth application and enrollment process. 

Here is a detailed breakdown of what you need to study in Ireland from India:

1. Admission to a program

  • Choose the course and university: Research and select the program and university that align with your academic and career goals.
  • Check the admission requirements: Review the specific admission criteria for the chosen program, as they may vary depending on the university and course.

2. English language proficiency

Most universities in Ireland require proof of English language proficiency for non-native English speakers. You can typically provide one of the following standardised English language test scores:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Ensure your test scores meet the minimum requirements set by the university. Minimum scores can vary, but they often fall in the range of IELTS 6.0-6.5 or TOEFL iBT 80-90 for undergraduate programs.

3. Educational qualifications

Depending on the level of study (undergraduate or postgraduate), you will need to provide relevant educational qualifications.

  • For undergraduate programs, you typically need proof of your secondary education completion, such as the Indian Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or equivalent.
  • For postgraduate programs, you will need a relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent; some programs may require a specific grade or GPA.

4. Application process

  • Complete the university's application form: Follow the university's application process, which may include an online application form and a fee.
  • Prepare supporting documents: Gather all required documents, including transcripts, certificates, passport copies, and passport-sized photographs.
  • Write a personal statement: Some programs may require you to submit a personal statement outlining your academic and career goals.
  • Obtain references: You may need to provide reference letters from professors or academic advisors, particularly for postgraduate programs.

5. Financial documentation

  • Show proof of financial means: To obtain a student visa, you'll need to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs during your stay in Ireland. This typically involves providing bank statements or a sponsorship letter.
  • Pay application fees: Some universities may require an application fee when applying for a course.

6. Visa application

  • Once you receive an offer of admission from an Irish university, you should apply for a student visa through the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS).
  • You will need to provide documents such as your letter of acceptance, proof of funds, passport-size photographs, and visa application form
  • Visa requirements may change, so it's essential to check the INIS website for the most up-to-date information.

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7. Health Insurance

You will need to arrange health insurance coverage for your stay in Ireland. Some universities offer health insurance plans for international students, or you can purchase private health insurance.

8. Accommodation

Arrange accommodation in advance. Many universities offer on-campus housing options, and there are also private accommodations available in Ireland.

9. Arrival and Orientation

Plan your arrival in Ireland, attend the university's orientation sessions, and make arrangements for your initial stay there.


Indian students have many reasons for choosing to study in Ireland. From its highly-ranked higher education institutions to its cost of living and welcoming culture, Ireland provides an ideal study environment that can open doors to new opportunities and help shape a successful future. With these factors combined with its attractive visa policies, it's no wonder many Indian students are deciding on this Emerald Isle as their study abroad destination.

Frequently asked questions

Is Ireland safe for Indian students?

Ireland is generally considered a safe destination for Indian students. The country has a low crime rate, and universities prioritise the safety and well-being of international students. 

How is Ireland for Indian students?

Ireland is known for being welcoming and inclusive. Indian students often find a friendly and multicultural environment that makes them feel at home. The country offers a high-quality education system, diverse cultural experiences, and ample opportunities for post-study work, making it a favourable choice for Indian students seeking international education and career prospects.

Is Ireland good for Masters?

Yes, Ireland is an excellent destination for master's programs. The country's universities offer a wide range of master's degrees across various disciplines, and many programs are research-oriented, providing opportunities for academic and professional growth. 

Why choose Ireland over the UK?

Both Ireland and the UK offer outstanding educational opportunities, but choosing Ireland may be advantageous for its shorter program durations, favourable post-study work opportunities, and competitive tuition fees. Ireland's growing job market and friendly atmosphere are additional factors that make it a compelling choice for international students, including those from India.

Is it worth going to Ireland for Indian students?

The decision to study in Ireland is worth considering based on individual goals, interests, and circumstances. Ireland offers high-quality education, post-study work opportunities, a safe environment, and beautiful landscapes.

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