What are the IELTS fees 2022 -2023?

Updated on: Dec 2, 2022

IELTS: An overview

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is jointly owned and conducted by the IDP, the British Council and the Cambridge English Language Assessment.

The duration of the IELTS exam is 2 hours and 40 minutes. The test assesses your English speaking proficiency which will help you pursue your studies in English speaking countries or work there.

The test scores are taken into account in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia. Let us look at the fee for registering and applying for IELTS.

Highlights of the IELTS test

Here's a quick snapshot of the IELTS exam:

  • Test versions: Academic and General training
  • Mode of the IELTS exam: Paper-based and computer-delivered IELTS
  • Exam pattern: 4 sections - reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Minimum age limit: 16
  • Number of attempts: Infinite
  • The score range of the IELTS test: On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest)
  • Countries that accept IELTS scores: UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia
  • IELTS exam dates: Flexible. You can book your preferred test date out of 48 fixed dates within a year.

IELTS exam fee

The IELTS exam for online and paper-based modes is INR Rs.15,500.     
For the UKVI type (UK Visas and Immigration), the fee is INR Rs.15,750. Extra charges are applied if you want to retake, cancel or reschedule the test date. You have to pay Rs.15,500 for every new attempt at the IELTS.

IELTS cancellation refund

If you cancel the test five weeks before the test date, you will receive a refund of Rs.11,600-12,000, i.e., minus 25% of the administrative fee.

If you cancel the IELTS exam less than five weeks before the test, you'll receive no refund. The same applies if you miss the test. But, if you have a valid medical reason and can produce a medical certificate within five days of the test date, you can still receive a refund minus the local administrative cost.

IELTS rescheduling fee

This is for those who plan to change the test date from the scheduled one. Ensure that you reschedule the date five weeks before the original test date. You may have to pay the rescheduling fee of INR Rs.3312. Also, the rescheduling date must be within three months of the previous one.

IELTS retake fee

There is no limit to how many retakes you can take for the IELTS exam. However, you have to pay the complete fee every time you take one (INR Rs.15,500). There is no difference between the registration and the retaking payment for academic and general training versions.

IELTS revaluation fee

IELTS revaluation is when you have your IELTS test remarked.

You can remark on your IELTS score if you are dissatisfied. You will have to pay INR Rs.8,475. You have to fill out an EOR (Enquiry On Results) form and can remark on either a single section or the entire test.

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Methods of payment for the IELTS exam fee

You can complete the transaction by online banking or using a credit/debit card. Also, if you prefer to register offline, you can submit a bank deposit or pay the fee with a demand draft (DD).

The demand draft should be drawn for "IDP EDUCATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED" from the approved banks. The bank deposit slips can be downloaded and obtained from the IDP India branch office.

Fee checklist overview

Here's the overall fee list you have to look for while applying for IELTS.

IELTS exam feesAmount (in INR)
Computer-based IELTS (online based)Rs.15,500
Computer-based IELTS (UKVI)Rs.15,750
Paper-based IELTSRs.15,500
IELTS Life skills (A1 and B1)Rs.14,600
IELTS cancellation refund25% of the test fee (Rs.11,600-12,000)
IELTS rescheduling chargesRs.3,312
IELTS test centre change feeRs.3,312
IELTS revaluation feeRs.8,475
IELTS score sending feeRs.250 (per university)

IELTS scholarships

The tuition cost of studying abroad is one of the significant pushbacks when planning to study overseas. To help and encourage their pursuit, many top-ranked universities around the globe offer wide-ranged scholarships based on the IELTS score of the students. This is an excellent tool for them to prepare for IELTS and ace the test to receive exclusive scholarships.

Here are a few awarded by the British Council and IDP education India:

  • Great Scholarship India
  • Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships
  • The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship program
  • British Council IELTS award

FAQs: IELTS exam fee

1. How to apply for IELTS revaluation?

You can visit the IDP website (the official one for the English language test). You have to apply within six months after you obtain your results and pay the revaluation fee. The amount might be refunded if the band score of the test changes after revaluation.

2. What is the IELTS rescheduling fee in India?

The IELTS rescheduling fee in India is INR Rs.8,475/-

3. How to choose the right book for IELTS preparation?

There is a wide range of preparation books and sources available for IELTS. For starters, you can use the Cambridge Official Guide. Also, when you register for the test, you'll be provided with 4 test books for practice for free. You can avail yourself of various free and reliable online books and sources anytime.

4. Can the IELTS test score be used for applying for UK visas and immigration?

Yes, you can submit the test score of either the IELTS general/academic or IELTS life skills version. But make sure that you give the test in the centre that is authorised explicitly for UK Visa and immigration purposes.

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