Everything you should know about PTE score calculator

Updated on: May 15, 2024

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based assessment taken by international students to determine their level of proficiency in the English language. The exam’s score is considered proof of English proficiency in more than 3000 educational institutions across several countries like the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland, among others. Students often find it hard to obtain the correct score after obtaining their results. We got you covered with everything you need to know about the PTE score calculator.

PTE exam pattern

It is essential to understand the PTE exam pattern and syllabus before learning about the PTE overall score calculator. There are three types of PTE exams.

  • PTE Academic
  • PTE General
  • PTE Academic Online

The PTE exam focuses on analysing the candidate’s English skills through three sections: speaking and writing, reading, and listening.

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PTE Academic exam

SectionQuestion typesDuration (in minutes)
Speaking and Writing754-67

PTE General exam

FactorWritten sectionSpoken interview
Total marks7525
Skills assessedReading, writing and listeningSpeaking
DurationVaries with each levelVaries with each level
No. of tasks9


4 for Levels 2 to 5

PTE score calculator: Academic test

The PTE overall score calculator helps candidates understand their score. The PTE score calculator is based on the Global Scale of English (GSE).

The GSE is an English language standard recognised globally with a scoring scale of 10-90. This scale gives the candidate an accurate score of their knowledge and skills. The PTE exam score follows the GSE standard, where the score ranges from 10-90. 

Related PTE Score Chart

How are scores determined while using PTE score calculator?

The scores are determined through the candidate’s communicative and enabling skills.

Communicative skills

The 10-90 score range determines the candidate’s level of English proficiency through the fundamental language skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

Enabling skills

A candidate’s enabling skills in the PTE exam include grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, oral fluency, and written discourse. This PTE score calculator assesses the skills of the candidate in the writing and speaking section of the exam. 

Types of scoring in the PTE points calculator

There are two types of scoring in the PTE score calculator: Partial credit, and correct or incorrect scoring.

Partial credit: Answers with partially correct responses will be awarded points, but not the maximum score.

Correct or incorrect: One point will be awarded for each correct answer, and no points will be awarded for incorrect answers.

PTE score calculator for Academic test (Section-wise)

Scoring for PTE speaking and writing section

SegmentNo. of questions in the segmentScoring typeEnabling skills assessed
Read aloud6-7Partial creditPronunciation, oral fluency
Repeat sentence10-12Partial creditPronunciation, oral fluency
Describe image3-4Partial creditPronunciation, oral fluency
Recite lecture1-2Partial creditPronunciation, oral fluency
Answering short questions5-6Correct or incorrectVocabulary
Summarisation of written text1-2Partial creditGrammar, vocabulary
Essay writing1-2Partial creditGrammar, vocabulary, spelling, written discourse

Scoring for PTE reading section

SegmentNo. of questions in the segmentScoring typeCommunicative skills assessed
Multiple choice: Choose single answer1-2Correct or incorrectReading
Multiple choice: Choose multiple answers1-2Partial creditReading
Reordering paragraphs2-3Partial creditReading
Read, write and fill in the blanks 5-6Partial creditReading, writing
Fill in the blanks4-5Partial creditReading

Scoring for PTE listening section

SegmentNo. of questions in the segmentScoring typeCommunicative skills assessed
Summarise spoken text1-2Partial creditListening, writing
Multiple choice questions, multiple answers1-2Partial creditListening, reading
Fill in the blanks2-3Partial creditListening, reading
Multiple choice questions, choosing a single answer1-2Correct or incorrectListening
Selecting the missing word1-2Correct or incorrectListening
Highlight incorrect words or phrases2-3Partial creditListening, reading
Point out the correct summary1-2Correct or incorrectListening, reading
Write the dictated text3-4Partial creditListening, writing

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PTE score calculator: General test

The scoring system for the PTE General test is different from the Academic test. The General test evaluates the candidate’s speaking and writing skills in the English language. Here’s how the skills are analysed and scored.

PTE General test: Scoring criteria for describe an image

Trait assessedMaximum score
Oral fluency5

PTE General test: Scoring criteria for written sample

Trait assessedMaximum score
Development, structure, and coherence2
General linguistic range2

PTE band calculator

It is essential to understand how the PTE overall score calculator works. If your score is not a whole number, it is rounded up to the nearest whole number. For example, if you have scored 81.5 in a particular section, you can round upto 82.

How to find the total PTE score?

The scores from the candidate's communicative and enabling skills determine the result using the PTE overall score calculator. You are required to find the average of the scores you obtained with your enabling skills. Using the average as the fifth component, find the average of the communicative skill scores and the average of the enabling skills.

For example,

You have obtained these scores in your PTE exam.

Enabling skills:Communicative skills:
Grammar - 86Listening - 80
Oral Fluency - 79Reading - 86
Pronunciation - 76Writing - 88
Vocabulary - 83Speaking - 79
Spelling - 88 
Written discourse - 80 

Obtain the average score of the enabling skills by adding the scores and dividing the total by 6.

86 + 79 + 75 + 83 + 88 + 80 = 491/6 = 81.8

Take the enabling skills average as the fifth component and find the average for the communicative skills.

80 + 86 + 88 + 79 + 81.8 = 414.8/5 = 82.96

PTE score calculator: Scoring criteria for pronunciation and oral fluency

PTE scorePronunciationOral fluency

PTE to IELTS score converter

PTE Academic232936465666768489N/A

Frequently asked questions

How is the PTE score calculated?

Obtain the average score of the enabling skills by adding the scores and dividing the same by six. Take the enabling skills average as the fifth component and then find the average for the communicative skills by adding the scores and dividing them by five.

Is PTE easier than IELTS?

Though many say the PTE exam’s writing section is easier than IELTS, the difficulty of the exam depends on your preparation. The earlier you start preparing, the easier the exam will be.

Does Canada accept PTE?

Yes, the Canadian PR application accepts PTE score results as proof of English proficiency.

Which countries accept PTE?

Countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Ireland, and others accept PTE exam results.

How much is 50 in PTE?

PTE Academic232936465666768489N/A

According to the PTE IELTS comparison table, a PTE score of 50 is equivalent to the IELTS band of 6.0.

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