TOEFL Speaking Practice, Questions and Preparation Tips

Updated on: May 15, 2024

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standard assessment for international students to test their fluency level in English. The TOEFL exam determines the candidate’s English proficiency by determining their knowledge of fundamental language skills. More than 11,500 educational institutions in over 160 countries accept the TOEFL exam as proof of English proficiency. The TOEFL exam pattern consists of four sections that have equal importance in determining the candidate’s level of fluency in English. Here, we cover everything you need to know about TOEFL speaking practice.

What is TOEFL Speaking practice?

TOEFL speaking practice refers to the pre-exam tasks taken by international students to prepare for the exam’s speaking section. The speaking test consists of four tasks, and the section lasts for 17 minutes.

TOEFL speaking practice: An overview

TOEFL full formTest of English as a Foreign Language
Conducted byEducational Testing Services (ETS)
No. of tasks in the TOEFL speaking section4
Duration (in minutes)17
Total score30

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TOEFL speaking practice: Key Highlights

  • The TOEFL speaking section consists of four tasks, which you should complete in 17 minutes.
  • The section determines your ability to converse fluently in English.
    You are required to respond to a given situation that resembles real-life and academic scenarios.
  • The speaking test contains one independent and three integrated tasks.
  • The tasks are evaluated by a human evaluator and an AI-based rater.
  • The maximum score for the TOEFL speaking section is 30.

TOEFL speaking questions

It is important for you to understand the exam syllabus before starting the TOEFL speaking practice. Understanding the pattern and question format helps you complete the tasks effectively. The questions are designed to determine your ability to converse in English. There are two types of TOEFL speaking questions.

  • Independent task: You can expect one independent task where you have to present your thoughts, views, and experiences.
  • Integrated task: The speaking test consists of three cross-functional integrated tasks that analyse your speaking, listening, and reading skills.

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Types of TOEFL speaking tasks

  • Choose from one option
  • Choose from the two options
  • Explain a campus life problem
  • Explain opinion on campus problem
  • Explain a lecture
  • Explain a lecture topic

TOEFL speaking practice questions

Independent speaking task

  • Sometimes, people like to travel with others or solo. Which do you prefer and explain why.
  • Do you think students should focus equally on academics and sports? Support your idea with valid reasons.
  • Why do you think students prefer science and commerce degrees compared to arts?
  • If your friends from abroad plan to visit your city, where would you suggest they visit?
  • Do you think teamwork provides better results in the workplace?
  • Do you agree that experienced doctors are better than recent medical graduates?
  • Do you prefer to study for a few hours and get a full night’s sleep or compromise your sleep for studying?

Integrated speaking task

  • The university is planning to make some management changes in the upcoming semester. Read the passage below and express your opinion on the decision.
  • The student committee has decided to host a self-defense awareness program in a few weeks. Read the transcript of the conversation and state your opinion.
  • Read the passage and provide the most appropriate response.
  • Using the information from the above passage, explain the concept of X.
  • Using the points explained in the transcript, explain two important concepts of Y.

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Best tips to prepare for TOEFL Speaking Practice

The TOEFL speaking test might sound challenging, but with enough practice and preparation, you can ace the test. Here are some useful TOEFL Preparation Tips:

  • Familiarise yourself with the exam format. This will help you understand, know what to expect, and prepare well for the speaking section.
  • Prepare a study routine and track your progress.
  • Make use of good TOEFL study material. The study guides and materials help you understand the question types and prepare you for the exam.
  • Practice speaking, note-taking, and timed writing.
  • Build your vocabulary by reading newspapers, books, and magazines. 
  • Take mock tests so you do not feel unprepared during the TOEFL speaking practice. Mock tests can also help you determine your strengths and weaknesses, and you can work on rectifying your mistakes.
  • Start practicing with TOEFL speaking sample. You can determine your speaking skills only through practice.
  • Go through TOEFL speaking sample answers while practicing, as it helps you analyse your strength and work on your weaknesses.

Frequently asked questions

Is 25 speaking good for TOEFL?

The maximum score awarded to a candidate in the TOEFL speaking test is 30, so any score of 25 and above is considered good in the TOEFL exam.

How can I practice for the TOEFL speaking test?

  • Here are some useful tips for TOEFL speaking practice.
  • Practice speaking, note-taking, and timed writing. You can determine your speaking skills only through practice.
  • Build your vocabulary and try to incorporate them while speaking.
  • Take mock tests, as they can help you determine your strong and weak points, and you can work on your mistakes.
  • Make use of TOEFL speaking samples to understand and analyse your speaking skills.
  • Go through TOEFL speaking sample answers while practicing as it helps you analyse your strength and work on your weaknesses.

What is the TOEFL speaking section?

The TOEFL speaking section determines your ability to converse fluently in English. The test consists of four tasks based on real-life academic situations. You are required to complete the speaking exam in 17 minutes.

How is the speaking section of TOEFL scored?

The tasks in the TOEFL speaking section are evaluated by a human and an AI-based evaluator for a maximum score of 30.

What is the average Indian TOEFL speaking score?

The average Indian TOEFL speaking score is around 20 out of 30.