What facilities are provided by the study abroad consultants? 

Updated on: Aug 3, 2023

Study abroad consultants provide a range of services to assist students with the study abroad process:

  • University selection and application assistance: Consultants can help students identify and select universities that match their interests, academic goals, and personal preferences. They can also provide guidance on the application process, including advice on completing application forms, preparing personal statements, and obtaining letters of recommendation.
  • Visa and immigration assistance: Consultants can provide guidance and support with visa and immigration requirements, including helping students complete visa applications and providing information about the documentation required.
  • Scholarship and financial aid assistance: Consultants can help students identify and apply for scholarships and financial aid opportunities, including providing information about eligibility requirements and deadlines.
  • Test preparation: Some consultants offer test preparation services, including preparation for standardised tests like the TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE. For example, Edvoy provides free, online, live IELTS Masterclasses taught by a native English IELTS teacher!
  • Pre-departure orientation: Consultants may offer pre-departure orientation sessions to help students prepare for their study abroad experience. This can include information about the host country, cultural norms and expectations, and tips for adjusting to life abroad.
  • On-site support: Some consultants provide on-site support for students once they arrive at their destination country. This can include airport pick-up, assistance with finding housing, and ongoing support throughout the study abroad experience.

Remote counselling services: Many consultants offer remote counselling services, such as video counselling sessions, to make the study abroad process more convenient and accessible for students. Edvoy provides unlimited remote counselling sessions for its students via our app.

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