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Everything you need to know about business administration and business management

Updated on: Jun 3, 2024
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Everything you need to know about business administration and business management
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If you are exploring business programs for higher education, then you will come across programs available under business management and business administration.

Getting confused between the two is normal as they might appear similar. However, these programs do have differences and you need to choose the one that is better suited to your professional goals.

Keep on reading to understand what is business administration and what is business management. Also, learn what is the difference between business administration and business management.

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What is business administration?

Business administration refers to a variety of roles that are crucial in the smooth operations of any business or company. Business administration is a high-level activity overseen by a group of people so that a company or organisation keeps running in an orderly and efficient manner.

The scope of business administration is extremely broad and includes the following duties:

  • Employee management
  • Formulating organisation-wide policies, plans, and rules and regulations
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of a business
  • Keep company culture focused on goals
  • Supervise and foster an organisation’s growth
  • Organise and oversee all aspects of the business for effective operations

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Unsure about which course to choose?
Edvoy provides free expert guidance and helps you shortlist courses with ease

What is business management?

Business management refers to the coordination and administration of business activities, tasks, and resources to achieve a set objective. The main objective of business management is to deploy the resources of an organisation in a way that maximises productivity.

People involved in business management hold leadership roles and can directly influence how a business operates. Business management duties include:

  • Supervision and training of staff
  • Overseeing core operations
  • Designing the company’s infrastructure to optimise for the future

Plan, direct, control, and organise employee goals and projects

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Difference between business administration and business management

You will find certain similarities between business administration and business management. However, there are some notable differences between the two when you view them from an educational point of view and when deciding on potential career paths.

Below listed are crucial differences between the two.

Business administrationBusiness management
View business at a divisional or micro levelView business from a macro level
Focuses on technical processes of accounting, finance, human resources and marketingFocuses on the human elements to develop leadership and management skills 
Ensures smooth functioning of the company’s system and procedures Concentrates on an organisation’s day-to-day operations and functioning

Business Administration courses

Careers in business administration and business management

Now that we understand the difference between business administration and business management, let’s take a look at careers that can be pursued related to business administration and business management.

Business administrationBusiness management
Marketing SpecialistOperations manager
AccountantManagement analyst
Human resources specialistSales manager
Business analystFinancial reporting manager

Choosing a program that will set you on your future career path may seem intimidating. However, understanding the key elements as well as the differences between all your options will definitely help you choose a program that best fits your aspirations and interests in the best possible way.

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