Top 10 in-demand careers in 2022

Sruthi Ravinder
Sruthi Ravinder
Published on: Jan 19, 20225 min read
Top 10 in-demand careers in 2022

The last two years have seen a significant slump in jobs and hires. People are losing their jobs, not finding enough opportunities, low pay, even no pay; the pandemic has hit the employment market hard. One needs to assess their qualities and abilities and systematically plan for the future. Choosing the right field for your expertise and gathering skills and knowledge is the way to move forward.
Most successful people follow their passions, their interests and make a life by working a job they love. But some of us want a high-paying job that will be in demand even in the future.

So, let’s have a look at the most in-demand career options for 2022:

S No Most in-demand careers
1 Product design
2 Data science
3 Business analyst
4 Digital marketing
5 Full-stack developer
6 Public relations
7 Content strategist
8 Project management
9 Cloud computing
10 UX Design

1. Product design

Product design entails developing a product to address the market requirements. One needs to analyze the market for opportunities and design a product that suits the company and fulfills the demand. It could mean creating a brand-new product from scratch or enhancing the already available ones. The focus is on user-friendliness, so you need to design products that provide solutions to your customer.

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2. Data science

As the name suggests, a data scientist helps companies collect, organize and analyze the data to make better decisions for their business. It’s a highly technical job where experiments are conducted to gather the appropriate statistics and provide ways to optimize the results. Since it deals with algorithms, analytics, data, people with a technical degree can apply for this job.

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3. Business analyst

A business analyst evaluates the company’s strategies and recommends ways to increase efficiency. He studies the business thoroughly and creates financial models to help the businesses thrive. It requires a great understanding of the company, its business, plans, and current requirements. Following finance and accounting, one must know business strategies and data analyses and implement them as an analyst.

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4. Digital marketing     

It’s a relatively new marketing field, but it is the need of the hour. Social media has taken over our lives, and digital marketing is a promising field to enter. Digital content is a constantly evolving field, where companies can strategize and ensure high revenues through that. It’s marketing in the virtual world, where the same principles apply, but the target audience changes according to products and services.

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5. Full-stack developer    

A full-stack developer can develop software for the client and the server. He has to create the back end, the server-side and the front end, the client-side software. This developer needs to access all databases and manage every aspect of the company’s software development.

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6. Public relations

This job is about creating awareness on various platforms about a new product or company. Reaching out to multiple media outlets and promoting your brand is an essential part of the job. You need to understand the target audience, create a plan, decide what online and offline channels to use, and launch your PR plan. If you’re conducting an event to promote the sales of a product, you also need to be a part of the follow-up after, keeping track of how your services have garnered attention.

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7. Content strategist 

Creating relevant content is the key to creating an excellent digital presence. Blog posts, articles, tweets, videos etc., are all tools in content strategy. So, if a business requires to gather the attention of its customers, a content strategist uses different platforms to meet the needs. Right from planning, creating, editing and publishing, he has to promote the company’s objectives. It involves creative use of space to garner the attention that engages the user and adds value to its business.

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8. Project management 

When a company assigns a project manager, he is responsible for the planning, execution, and completion of a given set of goals and objectives. A project needs an outline of the plan, a budget, a team, and a timeline. Every field requires Project management, whether IT, architecture, healthcare, etc. The need is increasing since more and more companies want dedicated project managers to complete a set of tasks or projects.

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9. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a cost-effective way of accessing data and operating applications over the internet. A network links the client’s device, browser, web, and applications with the servers and computers at the back end. It eliminates the need to be physically present with computer hardware since access is granted online. Businesses rely on cloud computing services to meet their needs without requiring an entire IT infrastructure.

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10. UX Design

UX stands for user experience, where you’ll be designing an easy and efficient user interactive product. It starts with conducting research to gather inputs, inspect the insights, develop a model, test prototypes, and deliver the results to your client. It’s an aspect of designing an experience where the user adopts the product, finds it accessible, and enjoys the process. If you’re creating a web page, you need to think about a user navigating it quickly, should be able to read the text, get the information it came here for.

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