Exploring the University of Bolton: A guide to the friendliest UK neighbourhood

Updated on: Apr 9, 2024
Exploring the University of Bolton: A guide to the friendliest UK neighbourhood
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When students arrive on the Bolton University campus, they are immediately greeted with a bustling atmosphere of inclusion and friendliness.

Due to a concerted effort on behalf of the University, international students receive a warm welcome at the University of Bolton.

Not only does the University offer an airport pick-up service to help students travel safely to their accommodation, but Boltonians came top in a UK survey for friendliness & warmth.

Studying in the UK is a life-changing experience. In a 2021 survey by PensionBee, Bolton was voted the friendliest city in the North West, with significant praise heaped upon the selfless nature of its residents.

This kind of community-mindedness extends to Bolton University, leading to students rating the University within the top 5 for student satisfaction!

Bolton University - student satisfaction: number one for six years!

It isn’t just the wider community of Bolton that makes students feel welcome, but the student hub on campus.

A significant factor in this element of Bolton University life is the Student Support Team, which offers free advice on finances, accommodation, and access to mental health support.

The friendly buzz of the campus combined with the excellence standard of teaching provides students with an unrivalled academic community.

So much so that the University of Bolton has been voted number one in Greater Manchester for teaching satisfaction for six years in a row!

Students report feeling satisfied with the opportunity to make their voice heard via the Students Union, and within the learning community.

Learning opportunities are vast, with thorough assessment and feedback adding to the high level of academic support provided by the low student-to-faculty ratio, learning resources, and excellence in teaching.

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Students are happy in Bolton

The high ranking of Bolton University in terms of the student experience cannot be overstated, as the prestigious Guardian newspaper voted Bolton University within the top five universities for student experience!

Its fellow respected newspaper The Sunday Times’ named the University of Bolton as the best in the North West for overall teaching quality in its Good University Guide.

Great news for international students: the same newspapers awarded Bolton University the moniker of being one of the most socially inclusive Universities in the country.

The University even promotes an inclusive education masters program where students can critically evaluate current national and international policies relating to equity, equality, and inclusion.

Significantly, Bolton University scores higher than any other university in Greater Manchester for overall student satisfaction

How far is Bolton from London?

Manchester has a far-reaching reputation and many international students confuse its location as including Bolton, although it is actually within the Greater Manchester area.

Bolton sits between Manchester, Blackburn, Wigan, Bury and Salford.

Transport links are fantastic between Manchester and London, with the high-speed train taking you directly to the metropolitan capital within two hours!

Many international students seek out locations they are familiar with when researching universities, with London earning the title of being the best-known city in the UK.

But Manchester is often followed closely behind, as Bolton offers a welcoming neighbourhood with a hub of international students feeling integrated within the local area.

Are international students supported?

Students are keen to involve first-year and international peers with campus activities and organisations. Student clubs vary from the Drama society to the Student Diversity society & beyond.

Students are also encouraged to start up their own social clubs, get involved in campus events or join a student ambassador program so they can represent the University at open days or outreach activities.

All voices are welcomed and the range of events provided to students includes regular trips to local museums, campus tours, and women’s self-defence lessons.

The Bolton University campus actively promotes inclusion so international students are always welcome and encouraged to participate in all aspects of student life, with English Language support included if students need further assistance or a boost of encouragement.

Confused about universities?
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What’s it like to live in Bolton?

Everything is well-connected. The people are record-breakingly friendly. The streets are the least-littered in the whole of the North West of England (and that’s a fact according to a recent survey by PensionBee).

The area has all the hallmarks of a thriving city without the price tag, as Bolton is well-known for affording students a low cost-of-living.

Bolton is particularly renowned for having reliable transport links to Manchester and Salford. Just a short journey away, the Trafford Centre is a renowned shopping centre experience that offers multiple floors of high and low end shops, eateries, and more.

Pro Tip: MediaCity is a hub of entertainment students can enjoy by hopping on the frequent buses from Bolton, all fixed at a flat fare of just £2.

Additionally, Manchester International Airport is only half an hour from Bolton and the town’s train station is just a 10 minute walk from the University.

Bolton Market is a huge market with more than 300 stalls for meat, fish, produce, bulk foods, and fashion items. There are several halls, with the comprehensive market comprising both indoor and outdoor space.

Students have multiple chances to check out the market as it is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays.

The lifestyle hall has a seating area with tons of options to choose from in terms of salads, coffees, sandwiches, paninis, cakes, and ice cream. There is even a pub inside!

Bolton food and drink festival

The Bolton Food and Drink festival takes place on the August bank holiday weekend, with celebrity chefs in attendance in previous years that include names such as James Martin and Ainsley Harriott.

In 2022 alone, the festival had over 460,000 visitors!

Students enjoy trips to the Bolton museum and art gallery, nights out on Bow Street and Nelson Square and frequent trips to Manchester.

But they also enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of the market on a leisurely afternoon.

What’s Bolton famous for?

Comedian Peter Kayis from Bolton, with his far-reaching brand of humour seeing him perform at sold-out shows for the past two decades.

Boxer Amir Khan is also from Bolton and brought pride to his hometown during his career as he is one of the best British boxers of his era.

Bolton University is world-renowned for having a large international population from a diverse range of countries.

Employability is a huge focus at the University too, with the Bolton University careers and employability service being renowned as being one of the most successful University employability programs in the North West.

The actions of the University show how valued the student experience is, with the institution putting in a £50m investment into building new facilities to enhance the student experience.

Is the University of Bolton right for you?

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The process is easy, and the advice you receive is impartial because Edvoy believes in empowering students to make informed decisions about their education.

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