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Spring intake in USA 2024: universities, courses, requirements and deadlines

Updated on: Nov 29, 2023
Spring intake in USA 2024: universities, courses, requirements and deadlines
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The United States is renowned for its prestigious educational institutions, making it a top destination for higher education. Many universities in the US have flexible intake processes, offering multiple options throughout the year. 

In this article, we will explore the spring intake in USA, including information about universities offering spring intake, available courses, admission requirements, application deadlines, answers to FAQs, and more.

What is spring intake in USA?

Spring intake or January intake is an additional intake for US universities beginning in January. Students who miss applying for the fall intake can apply for this. It’s the second most popular intake, and universities also receive a significant number of applications from around the world during this admission session.

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When does Spring semester in USA 2024 start?

The Spring semester at most universities in the USA typically start from January to May.

However, applying for the spring intake means that students will enrol in an ongoing academic year and may graduate later.

Why should you apply for spring intake in USA?

The spring intake has some benefits, including:

  • Higher chances of securing admission because there’s less competition. 
  • Enough time to prepare for and take the required standardised tests, including the English proficiency tests.
  • More time to explore and research institutions, programs and courses to make informed decisions. 
  • Ample time to prepare for relocation, including planning finances, housing arrangements, obtaining a student visa, and other formalities.
  • Smaller class sizes, which offer a better teacher-student ratio and more personalised learning.
  • Courses that allow you to complete your degree quite faster, compared to other intakes, and begin your career earlier.
  • A more straightforward admission process.

Top universities and courses for spring intake in USA 2024 

Many universities offer admissions during the spring intake in USA.

Here’s a list of US universities with spring intake 2024 and some of their popular courses:

S.NoUniversity Popular courses
1Yale UniversityBiology and Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Physics and Geosciences, Psychology, History
2Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT Computer Science, Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, Physics
3Florida International UniversityHospitality and Tourism Management, Communication, Engineering and Computing, Business, Law, Health Sciences, Psychology
4University of South CarolinaBusiness Administration and Management, Marketing, Finance, Information and Communications
5University of Central FloridaStatistics and Data Science, Biomedical Engineering, Biology, Data Analytics, Economics, Clinical Psychology
6The University of Massachusetts, BostonBusiness/Commerce, Social Sciences, Psychology, Biology and Biological Sciences, Marketing, Computer and Information Sciences
7The University of Illinois, ChicagoSocial Sciences, Engineering, Psychology, Business Analytics, Computer Science, Veterinary Science
8Arizona State UniversityComputer Science, Data Science, Mechanical Engineering, Business, Management, Social Sciences, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts
9Wichita State UniversityEngineering, Fine Arts, Accounting, Biomedical Engineering, Business Analytics, Communications
10The University of Colorado-Colorado SpringsComputer Science, Physics, Accounting, Business Analytics, Engineering, Journalism
11Pace UniversityFinance, Visual and Performing Arts, Marketing Biochemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Information and Technology; Bookkeeping, Natural Chemistry, Software Engineering
12California State University, Long BeachComputer Science, Engineering and Industrial Applied Mathematics, Physical Therapy, Philosophy
13Howard UniversityBusiness, Engineering, Accounting, General Biology, General Chemistry, Economics, Data Analysis
14San José State UniversityBusiness, Biological Sciences, Management, Public Health, Engineering, Visual and Performing Arts, Biological Sciences, Communication, Psychology, Journalism, Forensic Science
15University of Cincinnati, OhioBusiness Analytics, Business Economics, Law, Nursing, Marketing, Computer Science
16University of Texas at DallasComputer Science, Management Information Systems (MIS), Engineering, Visual and Performing Arts, Neuroscience, Economics
17University of UtahBusiness, Physiology, Physical Therapy, Finance, Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Nursing
18The University of Maryland Environmental Health, Econometrics and Quantitative Economics, Finance, Mechanical Engineering
19Stevens Institute of Technology, New JerseyAccounting and Analytics, Bioengineering, Biology, Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering Management
20San Francisco State UniversityLiberal and Creative Arts, Business, Computer Science

“The quality of life you get depends on your choices.” - BrainyQuote

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Requirements for Spring Intake in USA

Each university will require you to submit a set of documents as part of the application process, and these documents may differ depending on your institution or program. You should check your institution’s official website for the specific documents required for your application. 

However, the following are some documents that are typically required in the admission process for many US universities:

  • Original transcript: This document details your academic record, including courses you’ve taken, your grades, and awards, and it can only be issued by your educational institution.
  • A student CV/resume: This is a self-introducing document summarising your academic journey, experience, and achievements. You may also need this document to apply for internships and part-time roles while you’re in school.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): This is a document that highlights your strengths, long-term aims and reasons for choosing the institution and course of study, giving character to your applications.
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR): This is a document written by teachers or past employers to support the candidate and highlight their personality, work ethic, character, academic achievements and more.
  • Valid passport
  • Valid student visa
  • Standardised test scores: This includes tests like the SAT, GMAT, GRE, or ACT.
  • English proficiency test scores: IELTS, TOEFL, or other acceptable proof of English Language proficiency. 
  • Results of the last qualifying test
  • Certificate-size photographs
  • Bachelor’s degree or provisional certificate if applying for a Master’s degree
  • Details of any internships and extracurricular activities

Deadlines for spring intake

The spring 2023 application deadline for international students, like the general application deadlines have different types and they include:

Early decision (ED) deadlines

Students applying for the Early decision (ED) deadline are usually prioritised over other candidates. ED deadlines are usually a few months before regular deadlines. The deadlines are not flexible, and a student must submit all the required materials by the deadline. ED is binding, and if a student is accepted under this admission process, they must withdraw all other applications and attend that particular institution. 

Regular decision (RD) deadlines

Although the regular decision deadlines, including the spring 2023 application deadline for international students, may vary by university, they generally fall between September and November of the previous year.

Rolling basis

Several institutions have no fixed deadline for the end of their admission process. They review the applications on an ongoing basis and make decisions to offer candidates admission. However, they may have a set date for the completion of the admission process or continue evaluating applications until there are no more slots to be filled. Many institutions with rolling admission policies use priority and early decision deadlines, so it’s important to find out if the institution you plan to apply to has such deadlines. 

“Ambitions are dreams with deadlines, and without setting these deadlines, our ambitions are dead in the water.” - A great mood

The spring intake timeline

The application process can be lengthy, so it’s generally recommended that you start the process 18 months or at least a year before the start date. Starting 18 months in advance is excellent if you plan to apply early. 

February - MarchResearch and shortlist suitable courses and institutions. Prepare for standardised tests.
April - JulySubmit applications to your chosen universities before the deadline.
July - AugustStart taking standardised tests, depending on your course requirements.
September - OctoberWait for acceptance letters and respond once you receive them. Explore available scholarship and financial aid opportunities.
November - December After shortlisting suitable opportunities, start applying for them. Apply for your student visa. You can apply for on-campus housing or try private housing options.
DecemberStart preparing for the session. It’s a good idea to arrive early so you have enough time to settle it, but you can’t arrive more than 30 days before your course commences. 

Which exam is required for MS in USA?

To apply for MS in the USA, candidates may be required to take certain standardised tests, some of which include:

Frequently asked questions

When to apply for spring intake USA 2024?

Ideally, you should start the application process a year before the spring 2024 intake, which means you should have begun by January 2023. You can start applying as soon as possible and complete your application processes by October 2023 at the latest because some universities have very early application deadlines.

What are some universities in USA offering spring admissions to undergraduates?

Many universities, including the top universities discussed above, are US universities with spring intake 2024, and some of them include the University of Massachusetts, the University of Arizona, the University of Central Florida, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Maryland, Washington State University, and the University of Illinois, Chicago.

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What are some universities in USA offering spring admissions 2024 for masters?

Despite multiple intakes in USA for MS & masters, spring intake provides a unique opportunity for students who want to start their graduate studies earlier in the year. Several universities offer intakes in usa for MS & masters degree programs in spring 2024, and some of them include:

  • Yale University 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • University of Texas at Dallas
  • University of Illinois, Chicago
  • University of Southern California
  • The University of Utah

Is GRE required for MS in USA for fall 2024?

Generally, you require a GRE score of 320 or more to study MS in the USA. However, several top universities, such as UC San Diego, now offer MS without a GRE, since the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the deadlines for fall 2024 USA masters?

Although the deadlines vary by institution and program, the application deadline for the fall intake 2024 is between October and December 2023, and you can get a decision between December and April 2024.

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