PhD Courses in Canada for international students

PhD Courses in Canada for international students

Studying for a PhD courses in Canada is an excellent choice to further your skills, increase your job prospects, and put your life on a new trajectory. There are a host of amazing courses from 5 universities on offer. It all comes down to what subject you want to study and what type of institution you’re looking for. Upon completion, you can apply for a post-study work visa and look for work in Canada. This is an excellent opportunity to stay abroad and enhance your career.

Have a look below and find your future course.

Top 5 PhD universities in Canada

PhD fees in Canada

PhD fees vary in Canada depending on the institution. It’s important you check the details of where you’re applying.

If the costs seem too much, you can also apply for scholarships to help with the financing of your studies.

However, you can expect tuition fees to range from:

  • Minimum fees in PhD in Canada - £6,346
  • Maximum fees PhD in Canada - £15,577

Student’s visa cost for studying PhD courses in Canada

You will need a visa when studying abroad. Visit the government’s website to start this process. The costs you will be expected to pay are featured below.

Canada student visaCAD $235. This includes the application fee of CAD $150 and the biometrics fee of CAD$85.

Studying PhD courses in Canada eligibility criteria

To be eligible to study in Canada , you must have a specific set of documents. You will generally require the documents listed below, though the specific ones you need will depend on the institution and your test scores.

  • Academic transcripts
  • Application form
  • CV
  • Letter of recommendation
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Statement of purpose 
  • Admissions test results 

Post-study work permit after completing PhD qualification in Canada

After your studies you will get the opportunity to stay back in Canada with a post-study work visa.

You can apply for this on the government’s website.

This is a good time to look for a job to put your newly qualified skills to use and enhance your career.

See below for how long you’ll be able to stay.

CountryName of post-study work visaLength of time to stay in country
CanadaPost-graduation work permit (PGWP)3 years
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Top PhD Courses in Canada

There are many different types of specialisations you can look into when choosing to study PhD in Canada. Have a look below and see if there is something you would like to focus on.


Yes. You can apply for a post-study work visa to stay back and look for work. It’s a good opportunity to find new job opportunities.

There is no maximum age to study in Canada. Usually, you need to be at least 18, but it’s never too late to study abroad.

It is! Many reputable universities are offering top courses.

Yes, there are many scholarships available. These can come from various sources, such as the institution itself or governments.


  • Institutions offering the courses
    Institutions offering the courses
  • Fee range (min-max)
    Fee range (min-max)
    £6,346 - £15,577

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