Should you study in Ireland or the UK?

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Should you study in Ireland or the UK?

Both the UK and Ireland offer excellent study programmes for international students. Depending on the specific kind of course and experience you’re looking for, you may find either Ireland or the UK more suitable. There are a number of benefits, as well as differences, to studying in each country. We’re going to take you through some of the main talking points of each country to help you decide whether to study in Ireland or the UK.

Choosing to study in Ireland

The fact that Ireland is consistently voted as one of the friendliest nations in the world makes it an attractive study destination for international students. Moving away from home can be daunting but knowing you’re going to live amongst some of the most welcoming people in the world can ease your mind. Ireland is smaller than the UK and so there are fewer universities to choose from. However, the universities in Ireland are world-renowned and are all ranked within the world’s top 700 in the QS World University Rankings. (The highest comes in at number 78). Whether you choose to study in Ireland and the UK, both can be expensive for international students. The cost of living in Ireland is slightly cheaper than the UK but only by a little. Dublin is the capital and the cost of living is higher in Dublin than in other Irish cities, such as Cork and Galway, where you can find great universities and live more cheaply. Well, we even produced a little guide a couple of months all about the different places to study in Ireland.  The airline, Aer Lingus, is currently running a Study in Ireland Program with special discounted airfares for students studying abroad to help them save some money. Ireland is less multicultural than the UK but is slowly catching up. Student life in Ireland has a local, more traditional feel to it. If you’re looking for more of an immersive, Irish experience that is separate from mainland Europe then Ireland might be for you.

Choosing to study in the UK

Some of the best universities in the world can be found in the UK. There are currently four institutions in the top 10 QS World University Rankings, with many more universities in the UK coming in within the top 100. Because there are so many universities and schools to choose from, you can study more obscure, specialised courses. There is so much variety when it comes to studying individual subjects you won’t find it difficult to find a course for you! Compared to other European countries, the cost of studying in the UK can be pretty expensive. But for international students, there isn’t much difference tuition wise, between studying in the UK or Ireland. It’s worth mentioning that the cost of living varies significantly across the UK. London has some of the best universities in the UK but as it is the capital, the cost of living is extremely high. However, there are excellent universities outside of London where the cost of living is significantly reduced. For example, choosing to study up north in Manchester will see your money go a lot further without compromising your education. In a recent article, we managed to compare the cost of studying between 4 of the UK’s most popular university cities.  The UK is extremely multicultural which is why so many international students choose to study in the UK. London is one of the most global cities in the world with a mix of cultures, people, traditions and languages!

The next step

Studying in the UK or Ireland will give you equally valid qualifications and no one country delivers qualifications that hold more weight around the world. Choosing where to study in Ireland or the UK will depend on your degree speciality and your budget. Whether you decide to study in Ireland or the UK, Edvoy can help you with your application. Contact us today to start the application process.

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